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Care About Childcare has received phone calls from providers regarding other entities trying to collect their information for child care referrals. The providers are being asked for their credit card and personal information.

PLEASE REMEMBER THAT CARE ABOUT CHILDCARE DOES NOT MAKE THESE TYPES OF CALLS! All of Care About Childcare services are FREE of charge. Care About Childcare will NEVER call and ask you for money or credit card numbers. If you receive any type of communication asking for your personal information know that it is not Care About Childcare, please don’t give it out!


Child Sexual Abuse Prevention and Awareness

For free downloads of training materials on child sexual abuse prevention and awareness go to the Stop It Now! website at under Caregivers & Professionals. Prevent Child Abuse Utah also has free online training for parents at

Another option for online training and resources is on the Darkness to Light website at  D2L offers 2 hours of online training from $5- $25 in English and many other languages.

Care About Childcare can connect you to Online Training for Licensing Clock hours and Career Ladder Professional Development. Click here for a list of current online courses.

All Professional Development Incentive applications must be submitted to URPD no later than May 31, 2024. Applications received after May 31st will be returned and applicants will need to wait until their next award date. Please contact URPD at 1-800-531-2468 with application questions.

Consumer Services Advisors and CCQS Specialist are available to provide information on initial training for individuals entering the field as new family child care providers. We help you connect with resources, family start up grant, and ongoing support throughout your first year. New child care providers are linked with the Professional Family Child Care Association (PFCCA) which offers provider support groups, conferences, and information on accreditation from the National Association of Family Child Care (NAFCC), among many other benefits.

One of the many valuable services offered by CAC is the opportunity to receive free advertising for your child care program. Provided by the Consumer Services, Research & Data Department with specific information about the services you offer in order to match you with families who are looking for child care. This will take just a few minutes of your time and your program may begin receiving referrals immediately.

Read our brochure on how to promote a quality child care program:

This brochure gives detailed information on getting started, retaining customers, locating community resources, and much more.

Carolyn Ellsworth
Program Director

Heather Hughes
Consumer Service, Research & Data Coordinator

Carolyn Clark
Professional Development Coordinator
Rocio Velazquez
Professional Development Advisor- Bilingual
Tori Pfeffer
CCQS Specialist
Debora Arguello
CCQS Specialist-Bilingual


Abby Jarman
KIC & Refugee Program
Katie Hopper
Outreach Advisor