Looking to Adopt

Looking to Adopt

We take great pride in our long history and excellent reputation, as it is built upon years and years of experience placing thousands of children with adoptive families. Your adoption will be handled in a professional, confidential and ethical manner.

Children’s Service Society provides a full-service Infant Adoption Program for adoptive families in Utah, including the initial home study.

In addition, CSS also offer the following services:

CSS is proud to be the only agency in Utah contracted with the Utah Department of Child and Family Services to write home studies for families looking to adopt children currently in the foster care system, both within Utah and out of state. Home studies prepared by any other agency for these children will not be accepted by DCFS or by Utah’s Interstate Compact for the Placement of Children (ICPC) and the adoption will not be approved to move forward.

If you are looking to adopt a child out of foster care, CSS will be happy to conduct your home study and assist with the adoption placement. The fee for this services is $1,500. There is a great deal of paperwork to complete for a home study including training, background checks, medical clearances, financial documentation, and a safety inspection on your home. The process usually takes about two months. Please contact Liesl Einerson at liesl@cssutah.org for our application packet or any questions you may have.

Do keep in mind that all children in the public welfare system are there for a reason, including abuse and/or neglect. They will all have some degree of special needs including emotional and/or behavioral needs. Many of the children who are legally free for adoption and are listed on online adoption websites are there because they have been the most difficult children to place. They have many more issues than their short profile may disclose. The caseworkers of these children will be looking for families who are experienced with children with behavioral problems; and if you have never had a child like this in your care, it is unlikely that you will be chosen for these kids. The goal for all of the children is a permanent placement; and a family who has no experience is more likely to disrupt the adoption if the child’s behaviors turn out to be more than they can handle. To prevent an already hurting child from living through yet another move to another home, CSS always recommends that you get some experience with special needs children by being a foster parent first before you seek out adoption. For more information about becoming a foster parent, please call Utah Foster Care at 877-505-5437