Referrals to Your Child Care Program

Care About Childcare helps providers advertise their program by referring their name to families in the community who are looking for child care. We collect information about your program including: hours of operation, age group vacancies, experience or training for children with special needs and transportation accommodations in order to provide families with referrals that are likely to accommodate their needs. Although we do collect some information on pricing for statistical purposes, we do not share this information with clients. Our goal is to empower families to select the environment they feel most comfortable with and one that best meets their family’s needs.

Please read our Referral Policy for a complete overview of our rules for referring your program to prospective parents. For further questions or to receive a printed copy of our Referral Policy, contact our Consumer Services, Research & Data Department at 801-355-4847 or toll-free 866-438-4847.

Reminder: All CAC services are free of charge with the exception of training classes. Funding is made possible by the Federal Child Care and Development Fund, the Department of Workforce Services, and the Office of Child Care.

If you are being charged money to participate in a referral program, please be aware that it is not associated with Care About Childcare.

In order to receive the most accurate referrals to your program, we ask that you update your openings once a month or as changes occur. To show appreciation for your assistance in maintaining accurate records we will send you an incentive when you update at least two months in each quarter (Q1- Jul-Sep, Q2 – Oct-Dec, Q3 – Jan-Mar, Q4 – Apr-Jun).

If you have any questions, please contact our Referral Department at 801-355-4847 or 866-438-4847.