Home Studies and Post Placement

A home study or adoptive evaluation is a state required documentation process that covers your readiness and ability to adopt. A licensed social worker will visit with your family in your home, to get to know you and your family better and to understand your motivation to adopt. Adoption is a lifelong journey; we want to ensure the journey begins with the best possible outcome.

Below are the home study services Children’s Service Society provides:

  • Domestic Home Study: $800
  • Domestic Home Study Update (only available if CSS conducted your original home study): $250
  • Home Study to adopt out of foster care: $1,500

In addition to home studies, adoptive families are required to have supervisory visits following the placement of the child in their home. Each state has specific requirements about how many and/or how often supervisory visits are required.  Children’s Service Society provides Post Placement Supervision services, including a home visit and a written report,  for $150 per visit or $400 for 3 visits.

“My counselor was a god-send during my adoption.  She helped me feel informed and confident about my decisions.  She also helped me process my emotions in a way that was helpful for me and my situation” (CSS birthmother 2018).

“Our counselor was fantastic!  Her genuine concern and care really helped the entire process be extremely comfortable for us” (CSS adoptive parents, 2016).

“Knowing what to expect and how to work on my relationship with the adoptive parents was the most helpful to me” (CSS birthmother, 2018).

“The classes they have you do online makes you understand things better” (CSS adoptive parent, 2018).

“They were amazing to work with, helpful, and we are very happy we used CSS” (CSS Adoptive parent, 2018).

“We received instant access, and feedback through emails and phone calls” (CSS adoptive parent, 2018).


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