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July – September 2019 Newsletter
October – December 2019 Newsletter

The CAC Professional Development Department offers approximately 32 courses per quarter to anyone interested in early childhood issues and education. Courses cover a wide variety of topics including introductory child development, guidance and classroom management, working with families, and specific age groups of children. The classes focus on improving the quality of care for children and increasing the knowledge of child care providers.

Utah Approved Online Career Ladder Courses
Care About Childcare can connect you to Online Training for Licensing Clock hours and Career Ladder Professional Development. Click here for a list of current online courses.

Hours available
Our office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. We are closed on all major holidays. We can be reached during regular business hours by calling 801-326-4403 or by email at denise@cssutah.org or carolyn@cssutah.org


  • Registration is available online at CareAboutChildcare.utah.gov. If you need assistance please contact Denise Waagen at 801-326-4378 or denise@cssutah.org
  • The quarterly provider newsletter is available online at www.cssutah.org and will be mailed only to those who request that it be mailed to them.

On the Child Care Registry you can view the course schedule, transcripts for courses that you have already taken from CAC, courses that you are currently enrolled in, your Career Ladder levels, as well as the deadline for your next Professional Development Incentive.

  • Participants can enroll in up to two courses per quarter with up to two make up sessions per course. If more than two sessions need to be made up participants must register for the full course and repay for the course.
  • View transcripts or certificates to see which course needs to be made up in order to complete the course.
  • View the current Course Schedule to determine if and when the course is being offered.
  • Complete the Registration Form found in the newsletter or by clicking on the Registration Form link. Indicate which make up is needed and circle the “mu” and the date of the session needed. Please make sure to sign the Code of Conduct and mail it with the Registration Form.
  • Mail the form and Code of Conduct to the address indicated on the Registration Form. *Please remember to keep a record of your course schedule before mailing.

Pre-paid courses are non-refundable; however, if you are unable to attend a course you are registered for, call at least three business days before the first session of course. CAC – CSS can issue a credit voucher to be mailed to you, which can be used for another class. The Professional Development department can be reached at 801-326-4403

If at least half of the sessions in a course are attended, participants may enroll for make-up sessions at no cost at a later date. In order to receive credit and or materials for a session, a participant must attend the whole session. All handouts and materials will only be distributed to those in attending the session.

The Professional Development Incentive (PDI) System is a voluntary statewide professional development program for early childhood educators employed in a child care setting. The goal of the incentive is to increase the quality of child care by providing caregivers ongoing education and training. The program moves caregivers up on the Career Ladder and rewards longevity in the field with cash bonuses.

Eligible caregivers completing the requirements and maintaining a minimum of ten hours of approved training per year, will receive a yearly cash bonus. Caregivers who achieve a Level 4 or higher and continue to apply annually for the award will get a substantial increase in their award amount.

The courses offered through Care About Childcare are designed and approved by the Utah Registry for Professional Development. To learn more about the courses or the PDI system please contact our Professional Development department at 801-326-4403 or denise@cssutah.org and carolyn@cssutah.org To view more information about the PDI System and URPD please visit their website at http://urpd.usu.edu/

The requirements for hosting CAC courses are as follows:

  • Sign an agreement contract
  • Provide a working TV & DVD player
  • Provide Adult size tables & chairs for 30 adult participants
  • Provide an on-site representative to be available 45 minutes prior to the start of the training class and to close the building when class ends
  • Set up & take down tables & chairs (tables & chairs need to be set up 45 minutes before the start of class)
  • Provide enough parking for up to 30 cars

In exchange for hosting the training courses the host site will receive a voucher for 2 free courses.

If your site meets the above listed requirements and is interested in becoming a host site for CAC- CSS, have a representative contact Carolyn Ellsworth at 801-326-4379 or carolyn@cssutah.org

In an effort to provide a safe, productive, and comfortable learning environment CAC distributes an outline of classroom expectations, entitled the Code of Conduct, with each registration form. This outline is treated as a contract which all class participants must read and sign in order to register and attend CAC classes.

Download a copy our Code of Conduct

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Professional Development department at 801-326-4403

  • CAC will only cancel a course due to extreme weather, disaster or any other safety emergency situations.
  • If a course is cancelled there will be a recorded message in our phone system at 801-326-4379 stating that the course has been cancelled. The decision to cancel a course due to weather conditions will occur approximately at 4:00 pm for weekday courses. For Saturday courses participants should call at 7:00 am Saturday morning. The instructor will be notified of the decision and an attempt to notify the course participants by telephone will be made by the Professional Development department and the instructor. The decision will not be made before 4:00 pm for weekday courses or before 7:00 am for Saturday courses. The participants will be notified when the make up session for a cancelled course has been scheduled.

If you have a question that it is not answered by any of the above options, please contact us by calling 801-326-4403 or by email at denise@cssutah.org or carolyn@cssutah.org