Post Adoption Services

If you were adopted yourself, are an adoptive parent, a birth parent, or were touched by adoption we are here to support you through your adoption journey. Adoptees often have questions about their adoption and the circumstances in which they were placed. Adoptive families including siblings can have struggles as well. Birthparents can experience extreme grief, loss, and shame. We are here to help.

We offer the following services:

  • Post-adoption Counseling: $80/50 min session (sliding fee schedule available)

Individual or family counseling for adoption-related issues such as identity, grief and loss, and ongoing relationships with adoptive or birth families.  Please visit our Post-Adoption Counseling page for more information.

  • Connections – Hourly Rate: $50/hour

You will be assigned a Connections worker who will search for your birth family and provide initial contact on your behalf.  They will also help you with facilitate ongoing contact if parties are open to it.  We can also provide analysis of DNA test matches to possibly discover unknown parents/family. We will start with one hour; if more time is needed we will advise.  See our Connections page for details.

  • Connections- 10 Hour Service Package: $250

Provides all services listed above, in a package for up to 10 hours.  This can also include two hours of counseling for either party.

  • Non-Identifying Information Report: $50

A report based on the case notes of your adoption file, which usually includes such things as physical descriptions, occupations, education, religion, nationality, siblings, hobbies, age, marital status, etc. It will also include any medical information we may have.  See our Adoption Record Information page for details.

  • Foster Care Records Request: $20

If you (or a deceased relative) were in foster care through CSS, we can make a search of CSS archives to determine if the file exists, and if so request it from state archives.  Includes copies and mail costs, and return of file to archives.  See our Adoption Record Information page for details.

  • Adoption Support Group – FREE

Groups for adult adoptees, teen adoptees, birth parents, and adoptive parents are held monthly at the Children’s Service Society.  Please see our Support Group page for upcoming dates and times.


For more information about any of our post-adoption services, call us at 801-326-4391 or email us at Check out more support at Support and Resources.


Know an expectant parent or birth parent?  We offer free options counseling.  We can help with private, independent, and agency adoptions.  Call us at 801-656-8527.  Email at