Post Adoption Services

If you were adopted yourself, are an adoptive parent, a birth parent, or were touched by adoption we are here to support you through your adoption journey. Adoptees often have questions about their adoption and the circumstances in which they were placed. Adoptive families including siblings can have struggles as well. Birthparents can experience extreme grief, loss, and shame. We are here to help.

We have professional and personal experience with post adoption therapy with transracial and international adoptions, special needs adoption, kinship adoptions, foster care adoptions, older child adoptions, open adoptions, and infant adoptions. We also have expertise in attachment issues, trauma histories, and birthparent advocacy and support.

Call us at 801-326-4391 or email us at Check out more support at Support and Resources as well as our Connections Program. For questions on Adoption Records please click Adoption Records.


Know an expectant parent or birth parent?  We offer free options counseling.  We can help with private, independent, and agency adoptions.  Call us at 801-656-8527.  Email at