Home Study to Adopt out of Foster Care

Currently Children’s Service Society is the only agency contracted by the State of Utah to provide home studies for families looking to adopt children in state custody.  CSS will prepare a home study as well as provide post placement supervision for these cases.  However, because of the many special needs these children often have, we highly recommend that you become a licensed foster parent in the state of Utah to gain some experience before considering adopting a child out of state custody.

Children in custody of the state are there because they have been abused and/or neglected, and have special needs because of their traumatic histories. You need to be well prepared for the unique challenges of parenting a child with a history of trauma.

Utah does not require that you become a licensed foster parent in order to adopt a child out of foster care; however, many other states do require you to be licensed before they will consider placing a child in their custody into your home for adoption.  Every state is different so if you are planning to adopt a child in another state, we always recommend you become licensed in order to broaden your possibilities of receiving placement of a child.

Please contact Tara Romney Barber for an application: tara@cssutah.org


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