Foster Care Adoption

Children succeed when they are surrounded by encouraging and nurturing families, where they can emotionally connect with and thrive in a positive environment. The children who are placed in foster care by the Division of Child and Family Services range in age from infants to teenagers. Typically, the state of Utah will have 2100 to 2600 children in State custody and guardianship. These children need a family setting where stability and love flourish in order for them to grow into happy, productive adults.

You may have heard the term “Waiting Child”, which basically means the child is waiting for a family to take them in with open arms. The court process of severing the rights of their biological parents has already taken place, and they no longer have legal rights to them. Children’s Service Society would be pleased to be a part of your adoption experience and we are here to answer any questions you might have.  Please contact us for more information or an application:


Know an expectant parent or birth parent?  We offer free options counseling.  We can help with private, independent, and agency adoptions.  Call us at 801-656-8527.  Email at