Infant Adoption Fee Schedule

Domestic Infant Adoption Fee: $19,700

Included in Domestic Infant Adoption Fee:

Home Study: $700
To be paid at time of application.

If a family already has a home study that can be accepted by CSS, this fee can be waived.

Matching Services: $8,000
To be paid when adoptive applicants have been matched with an expectant mother.

In the event the adoption does not proceed, $5,000 of this fee is non-refundable. The remaining $3,000 will be applied to a subsequent match.

Placement and Post-Placement Services: $11,000
To be paid at the time of placement of the child.

In the event of twins or multiples, an additional fee of $5,000 per child is due at this time.

Any additional Birth Parent expenses: Variable, if applicable
Due at last post-placement visit (approximately one month prior to finalization and finalization typically occurs 6 months after placement).

When an adoptive family and a birth mother are matched, the adoptive family is responsible for any birth parent living expenses such as housing, utilities, food and clothing, etc. The adoptive parents are also responsible for paying all medical expenses of the child(ren) and the birthmother not covered by her insurance. $5,000 of the Matching Services Fee covers birth mother living/medical expenses. The adoptive parents will only have to pay additional expenses if the birthmother they are matched with has special needs that will exceed $5,000. Many women have medical coverage under Medicaid or their own private insurance and typically the baby is covered under her insurance or Medicaid for the few days after delivery prior to placement. Adoptive family provides insurance coverage for baby starting the day of placement.

Additional Fees not included in Domestic Infant Adoption Fee:

Application Fee: $300
Due with application.

Background Screening Fees: $42.50 per adult in home (age 18 and older)
(depends on state and needs to be updated yearly) Due with application.

Training Fee: $175-$345
(Amount varies depending on adoption situations a family is open to)  Paid to Adoption Learning Partners, and due at time of training. Training must be completed prior to initial home study visit. If home study completed elsewhere, proof of similar training is required or adoptive parents can complete training through Adoption Learning Partners.

Legal Fees: variable depending on the attorney chosen by the adoptive family
The adoptive family is responsible for paying for any legal fees associated with the adoption and finalization. Finalization typically occurs 6 months after placement. Please call and retain an adoption attorney of your choice early in your adoption process.

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