We are high school sweethearts who have longed for a child and want nothing more than to share our love. Being chosen to parent your child would mean the world to us and with our passion for adventure we can show them the world. With both of us having many years of experience teaching young children, we have always thought we would make excellent parents and we hope you will consider us.

Our extended family & friends:

Our families do not live in the same state as us, but our time spent together is immensely meaningful. While most of Mike’s family lives in Cleveland, Ohio, Whitney’s family is spread between Cleveland and Orlando, Florida. We find time to spend in each of these states visiting, but we also enjoy vacationing with both of our parents at the same time.

Both of us are very close to our adult cousins and we often plan various vacations around the country to meet each other. Between the both of us, we have lots of children in our families who we love to watch learn and grow over the years. We have a close group of friends in our neighborhood with kids of their own who we get together with weekly to play backyard games, camp and attend concerts. In the winter we enjoy taking ski trips together and playing games in front of the fireplace, like Catchphrase and Mario Party.

Our families are over the moon with our decision to adopt and are eagerly awaiting updates and good news. We cannot wait to have a child of our own to join the festivities.


We live in Utah, a state known for its beautiful mountain and desert landscapes. Utah is home to 5 national parks as well as several world class ski resorts, which is why we chose to move here. Usnews.com even ranks Utah as the number 1 most desirable state to live in in 2023. 

Our split-level home, which is located in a quiet suburb has 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and best of all, a really great backyard. We love our backyard for cookouts, sled riding and just relaxing in the hammock under the pine trees. We even have an adorable wooden children’s play house that we have spent many years waiting for a child to enjoy.

Within a five minute walk is our town’s recreation center, which is complete with a large indoor/ outdoor pool that has a children’s play area, waterslides and diving boards. Our recreation center offers everything from swim

lessons, camps, sports lessons, ice skating and more. Our favorite event there is the carnival and parade every July.

Our community has 3 brand new schools and a beautiful park with a playground, baseball fields and plenty of room to run and play. Our quiet street is filled with children of all ages who are often out playing and riding their bikes on the sidewalks.

How we met:

We met on the first day of high school in 2002. Whitney had previously attended the local public middle school, while Mike had gone to a Catholic school. Upon arriving at school and locating our lockers, Whitney noticed that there was someone new next to her locker instead of the same person who had been placed there alphabetically for the last four years in middle school. Whitney and Mike’s last names were extremely similar. As we began to see each other more and more at our lockers, we eventually discovered we shared many of the same hobbies, one of them being snowboarding. We often saw each other outside of school at our local ski resort and began spending more time together. Over time we became close friends and established a stronger connection sophomore year when we sat next to each other in history class. That next summer we decided to go play miniature golf without our other friends and that became our first official date. Our relationship became official soon after and have been in love ever since. To this day we still have a history project that we worked on together that we enjoy looking back on every now and then.

Travel & Vacation

Over the years, we have spent time traveling as many places as we could across the world. Each place is so unique and every experience is special that it is hard to choose just one location. Living in a van in New Zealand for 4 months and snowboarding in 3 different countries in the Alps are just a few traveling highlights.

A couple places that we frequently travel to are Ohio and Florida. Since most of our family lives in Ohio, our time there is spent seeing as many relatives as possible and making sure we get our fill of our favorite hometown foods. Mike’s family has a house on Johnson’s Island in Lake Erie where we love to boat, swim and bbq with family. Another vacation spot that we frequent is 

Anna Maria Island, Florida near where Whitney’s parents live. We get our beach fix among the white sand beaches and get to kayak, fish and eat seafood.

Our Lifestyle

Life is a continual adventure to both of us. Being active and healthy are our main priorities and we love to try new things and see new places. We have a close group of friends who live nearby whom we often get together with to play sports and games. We enjoy home cooked meals and consider ourselves good cooks. We have always been drawn to the outdoors and spend a lot of time in the mountains snowboarding, hiking, camping or just exploring. A day doesn’t usually go by without some sort of outdoor activity even if that means just taking a walk around our neighborhood. When we want to relax we enjoy listening or playing music, reading books and watching our favorite sports teams play.

A letter to expectant parents

 In the wake of what may be an extremely difficult and confusing time for you, we were hoping to shed some light on some aspects that could hopefully offer you some comfort and peace.

We started out as high school sweethearts and have been in a committed relationship for 19 years and happily married for 8 of those. During this time we have longed for a biological child of our own, but the world had different plans for us. After four years of continuous fertility treatments and reoccurring loss, we have opened our hearts to adoption. For the first time we are overwhelmed with joy and excitement with the possibility of finally having a child to share our love with. It has seemed like a surreal experience finally having the confidence to begin a few preparations around the home to accommodate a little one.

Both of us have extensive experience caring for, teaching and working with children of all ages. With one of us being a Montessori early childhood education teacher and the other teaching children snowboarding lessons, we already possess many skills of great parents. We hope to instill strong values of empathy, honesty, love, perseverance, loyalty and that we don’t forget to be a little silly sometimes. We want make it known that above all, we are family first and will always support each other no matter how tough the situation. With having worked so hard to become parents the last few years we are hoping that you can help us achieve our life long goal and confidently know that your child will be happy, safe, loved and cared for.

Our support system, which consists of a large family, friends, neighbors and co-workers have been rooting for us from the very beginning of our journey. Everyone is more than ready to meet your child and shower them with unconditional love. Both of our moms have already been brainstorming fun ideas for the child’s future birthday parties, as well as holiday celebrations. Personally, we are so excited to place Christmas gifts for someone other than our cat under the tree, who already has more toys than she knows what to do with.

There are many places for your child to fit in with us and we have so much to offer. From a cozy home in a quiet neighborhood, to a large extended family with many children, we cannot wait to show your child how much fun we can have. We plan to share our favorite outdoor hobbies of snowboarding, camping, hiking, playing various sports and traveling. There have been many beautiful destinations around the world where we have visited and talked about how we cannot wait to bring a child there to share the experience. We would love to document all of our activities as a family with photos and we will be sure to keep you updated as your child learns and grows with letters, emails and phone calls if you would like.

Thank you for taking the time to read our letter. We wish you strength throughout your journey.


Whitney and Mike

To learn more about Whitney and Mike contact CSS

at tara@cssutah.org or call/text 801-656-8527.