Hi, thank you for giving us the opportunity to share a little part of our lives with you. We are excited to take this next step in growing our family. We met in 2012 at a perfect time in both our lives. God was working with us when we didn’t even know it at the time by putting us in each other’s path. We got married in 2014 and always talked about having children one day. We believe in the traditional values of raising a family and hoped one day we would be able to show our love to a child. In 2015 is where our lives went from good to great. We started a spiritual journey together and started going to church. We were getting anxious to start our family so we began to pray. God answered our prayers with our adopted son Isaac. This is a great start to our small family, but we believe God has more for us. Another addition to our family would fill our hearts with joy.


Let me take a moment to introduce you to my husband, Blain Marx. Blain is our main provider, he works hard to give his family every opportunity that comes our way, not just at his career but at home as well. Blain is mechanically driven, bold, and confident. He always has to be building something or improving something from all the vehicles to simple life-helping gadgets. As our son Isaac is growing up he is becoming more and more like his dad. Isaac loves to be by his dad’s side learning what dad (Blain) does; tools, mower, rides on the side by side and practices his casting so when the weekend hits we can go out on the boat and throw a line out. Fishing is one of Blain’s favorite hobbies, taking the boat out and trolling on the lakes enjoying what God has created. Blain also finds peace and comfort in his music; he plays guitar. He has written a few songs and has managed a few bands. Blain loves the technology of sound. Nowadays after a stressful day at work, Blain comes home and makes time for his son. I love that most. Blain strives to be a good father. I know that if given a chance to grow our family Blain would only grow as well, as a father and a provider. He has an abundance of knowledge that he wants to pass on to his children and the next generation.


My wife Michelle Marx is the heart of our family. She’s kind and generous, she always puts our needs before her own. Michelle provides for Isaac all day; singing worship songs, making crafts, and playing outside. She is the keeper of the house so she makes sure it is clean amazingly, and prepares meals every night for us. Michelle has a passion for children, that’s the only thing she wants to do is be a mom: playing with them, teaching them, watching them grow. Michelle has the desire to be an incredible mom to a second child. Besides being a mother, Michelle also has a passion and talent for playing the bass guitar; she uses this talent to worship God. Worshipping is how she stays close to God. Michelle’s other hobbies include cooking, sewing, and being crafty; she is traditional in the way she lives life and how we want to raise our family. I love when Michelle decides to make things by hand instead of buying it. This shows me she is very creative. She is always looking for ways to be thrifty in savings and learning the old-world way of life. Michelle has a competitive edge about her; she loves the competition of who catches more fish on our fishing trips. She is pretty active when it comes to any kind of competition; which helps with keeping up with a toddler nowadays. Michelle has the patience to bring up a customary family and share many laughs together.

Our life together

As we mentioned, we have already adopted our son Isaac in 2019. Since that time our lives have been filled with so much joy and love. We enjoy going to church as a family, serving, and helping wherever we can. We would like to instill the value of helping others into Isaac and future children. We also have traveled quite a bit and have seen some sites, still more to come and see. Anywhere we end up traveling it’s always an adventure. Fishing and side by side rides are what we enjoy the most as a family. It puts us away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and gives us a sense of independence from the social media aspects of life. Camping, as well, lets us test our old age ways of living. We also stay home and play in our yard where there is plenty of space to run and make up adventures of our own. If we are unable to roam outside we tend to head to the band room where we practice our worship to God. We both play instruments and Isaac is learning drums (or as he says, “bum bum”). This gives us time to relieve any stress we had throughout the day and centers us back on God’s plan. Isaac is the love of our lives, he is about to turn 2 and we feel it would be perfect timing for him to be a big brother. He is capable of teaching and showing his young sibling how to be a part of our traditional, God fearing family. Thank you again for considering us. God bless you.

To learn more about Michelle and Blain contact CSS at tara@cssutah.org

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