Welcome to a small glimpse into our lives! We are Jeremy and Julie.  We have all the love in the world to give, and only wish for the opportunity to give it. We are hopeful that growing our family through adoption will give us a lifetime to share that love. 

About Us

We met through an on-line dating service. I (Julie) lived in California and Jeremy lived in Utah. One night, I took my niece to see Santa and I overheard my niece tell Santa “Please, can you give my Aunt Julie a boyfriend for Christmas?” I told Jeremy about it, and he said “Well, let’s make that wish come true!” We talked on the phone every night for an entire month before we actually met in person. We talked about everything, and when we met in person, we did not skip a beat. We would take turns flying out to see each other over the weekends and after 4 months of dating, we knew that we wanted to get married. Jeremy planned out the most amazing airport proposal with the help of  

my family and friends. I said, “Yes,” and we were married 3 months later. We have been married for nine years now and we love each other more and more with every passing year. 

Our Fertility Journey

We knew that we wanted to start a family soon after getting married. We tried starting one on our own, but after a year of trying, we found out that Julie had stage 1 ovarian cancer. It was such a whirlwind for us. Over a span of 6 months, she was diagnosed, had surgery, did 3 months of chemotherapy, and then, finally, she was in remission. After many tests, the doctors

determined that it was a fluke incident, and they do not see her ever having issues with it again. She has been given a clean bill of health and is in year 7 of being cancer free. The doctors were hopeful that we would still be able to get pregnant, but after a couple of unsuccessful years of doing fertility treatments, it was determined that everything she went through has made it very difficult, if not impossible, for her to get pregnant at all. Before all of this happened, we had said that if we were not able to get pregnant, we would definitely build our family through adoption. That has led us here, and we are thrilled to be on this journey.

About Jeremy (as told by Julie)

Jeremy has his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and uses that education in his career as an IT specialist. He loves his job and the people that he works with. Along with being a hard worker, Jeremy is also very patient, supportive, playful, and loving.  He is quick to forgive, and slow to anger. If you

were to ask him about his hobbies, he would say that spending time with his wife is his favorite thing to do. He also really enjoys football, basketball, learning about history and science, tinkering with technological devices, exercising, camping, and spending time with family.

Jeremy is the oldest of 6 boys, now men, and the Uncle to a plethora of nieces and nephews. He loves his family very much and would do anything for them. He considers his brothers to be his friends, and he loves getting together with them to play basketball or just hang out.

Jeremy especially loves spending time with our nieces and nephews. I have never met someone more ready for fatherhood. It is important to him that our nieces and nephews all feel loved and cared for. When it comes to being with the kids, I have watched him play catch, let his niece’s put make-up on him, do dances with them for Tik Tok, read them stories, and snuggle up on the couch for a kid’s movie night.

About Julie (as told by Jeremy)

Julie has her bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies and received her California Teaching Credential. She enjoyed every minute of working in the classroom while living in California. Since moving to Utah, she found a job that is more suited to her desire of being a stay-at-home

mom. She works from home for an on-line dating company where she is able to help others in their pursuit to find love.

Julie’s hobbies include baking, dancing, learning new things, and doing DIY projects around the house. She also loves to read, play board/card games, and cuddle up on the couch to watch a movie. Her favorite time of year is fall.  She loves

to go on long drives through the canyons to see the colorful leaves.

Julie is a beautiful, intelligent, caring, faithful, loving, wonderful woman.  Julie likes to laugh and have fun.  For Julie, family comes first.  She loves our families and always looks forward to being able to spend time with them. Julie’s motto is “we do for family.”  In other words, when a

family is in need, we do what we can to help them.  That’s how she is with family, friends, and strangers. She is always trying to be helpful to others.

Julie has always wanted to be a mom and, even though we do not have children yet, she has an innate motherly instinct.  When she is around her nieces and nephews, I see her motherly instincts shine. I see how much she loves and cares for them.  She has a natural ability to love, teach, and listen to children of all ages.  It just comes easy for her.  She has an infinite amount of love to give and will be an awesome mom.

Our Home

We live in a fantastic neighborhood. It is one of those neighborhoods where kids play outside, and people wave to their neighbors as they drive by. We love our 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bath home, and we can’t wait to fill it with children. When we started the adoption process, one of the very first things we did was get the nursery ready. We had a lot

 of fun assembling the crib and the dresser, as well as picking out a few other items to fill the room with.

Our Families and Traditions

All of Jeremy’s family lives within a 10-minute drive from us, and all of Julie’s family lives in California. We are very close to our families and enjoy every opportunity to spend time with them. We love to make memories, and most of those memories happen alongside our family. Many of the memories we make come from the fun family traditions that we have. For

example, every other year we spend Christmas with Jeremy’s family where we have a big family dinner on Christmas Eve and play Minute to Win It games. Another favorite tradition is going to California every summer for the 4th of July to spend time with Julie’s side of the family. We always do different activities while we are out there (beach, lake, amusement parks, game nights, bon fires, outdoor movie nights, and watching fireworks, to name a few). All our family members know that we are working on growing our family through adoption and they are all super supportive and excited about it. They look forward to welcoming and loving a new cousin, nephew or niece, and grandchild.

Thank You!

We wanted to thank you and let you know how honored we feel to be among the families that you are considering. Even though we have not met, we have been praying for you for a while now. We pray that you will have peace and comfort with whatever you decide is best for you and your baby.

As we stated earlier, our home is filled with love, and we just want the opportunity to share that love. If we are lucky enough to be chosen by you, please know that your baby will be loved, cherished, and provided for all days of our lives…or, in the words of Buzz Lightyear, 

“to infinity and beyond!” We are so excited to start our family through open adoption and we hope that you are able to get a feel for just how much your little one could fit into our family.

To learn more about Julie and Jeremy, contact Children’s Service Society at tara@cssutah.org or call/text 801-656-8527.