Free Child Care Referrals

Care About Childcare offers free online child care referrals to all Utah families.

Care About Childcare

Care About Childcare is an online system designed in partnership with the Office of Child Care to promote quality childcare and to help parents locate licensed providers in their area. For more information visit Care About Childcare.

There are two ways to receive referrals to providers in your area:

  • Online referrals will give you that first glimpse into a providers’ program. You will be able to view their profile which could include information such as: General Information, Licensing Record, Professional Development, Children with Special Needs, Provider Message and Photos.
  • Contact a Consumer Services Advisor who will conduct a personalized search with you over the phone: Eng. 801-326-4400 Sp. 801-326-4393 or 866-438-4847. Depending on the complexity of your search criteria and the type of information you require, this process can take 5 minutes or longer.

We collect some basic information from parents about specific needs including the hours you require child care, the children’s ages, the location that is most convenient , any transportation needs to and/or from school, the preferred type of care (centers or family providers) in order to customize your results to reflect the providers most likely to be able to accommodate your needs.

Note: Since CAC does not visit the providers in our database or regulate health and safety, we do not guarantee the quality nor recommend one provider over another. We accept no responsibility or liability for child care providers. We feel that parents and legal guardians are in the best position to observe and select the site that meets their families’ needs. The Child Care Licensing Program regulates child care providers and can make available to the public the provider’s complaint history and compliance records if requested.

Reduce your child care costs!

Salt Lake Community College (SLCC) can help reduce your child care costs! Click HERE to learn more.

Reducing or covering child care costs

The DWS Childcare Subsidy program can help those who qualify reduce or cover childcare costs! Click HERE to learn more