Encarni Gallardo



Encarni Gallardo is the Executive director of Children’s Service Society of Utah, the oldest child welfare agency in the state of Utah, providing support for families and caregivers to ensure safe environments for children since 1884.

Encarni holds a BA in Education from Malaga University Spain since 1986, where she owned and managed her child development center. Later, Encarni graduated with a master in Business Administration from Phoenix University in 2016. Encarni is one of the few certified trainers of Touchpoints Relationships in Utah from the Brazelton Institute in Boston. Her knowledge and expertise have led her to participate in many local and national boards and conferences. Encarni is actively participating in two national boards, being currently part of the executive board of the Children’s Home Society of America. She is also vice president of the Child Care Aware of America board of directors and the membership committee chair. Encarni is a Certified Public Manager through the State of Utah (CPM).

Encarni has been part of CSS since 2001 and has participated in many local initiatives to serve families and children better. She has been voice in developing many early childhood care and education systems. She has worked with other agencies to serve the refugee population, helping create a system to provide support and education to new refugees displaced from their countries. She is the creator of Beyond the Language, a presentation that looks into communication barriers and life experiences that shape our views in life.

Encarni is happily married, has five children and five grandchildren, and loves spending time with her family when not working.


Email: encarni@cssutah.org

Phone: 801-326-4380