Jamie and Jack


Thank you for taking the time to read our profile. We admire your love and courage in considering an open adoption plan for you and your baby. Adoption has touched our lives through both friends and family. We promise that our home will be filled with love and laughter and that you will always have a place in our hearts and family. We would love to talk with you about your hopes and dreams for the future.

How We Became Us

Jack and Jamie originally met in Tennessee in 2001, and their friendship blossomed over the years. They remember exactly how they felt when they first met, on their first date, and they still get butterflies whenever they’re near each other. Their paths diverged in 2004, with Jack returning to Utah and Jamie spending the following three years in Tennessee before relocating to Georgia. On Thanksgiving Day in 2009, Jack sent a mass text message to everyone he knew, wishing them a Happy Thanksgiving. After all these years, Jack kept Jamie’s phone number, but she deleted his years ago (oops!). “Who is this?” Jamie remembers wondering in response to his text. She was taken aback when he responded.

They’ve been texting each other for a while. Jack visited Tennessee in July 2011 to see his family, and he contacted Jamie to see if they could meet for lunch midway in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Jamie was still in Georgia, and the trip took them an hour and a half. Jack was an hour late for their lunch date, completely unaware that they were in a different time zone. Too funny! Jamie still chastises him about it to this day. Of course, yes. Jamie waited patiently for Jack to arrive. It had been seven years since Jack and Jamie had seen each other. This was the day Jamie knew he was the man she’d marry. She had a feeling.

Lunch turned into dinner, which led to a late-night conversation along the Chattanooga River. After a 10-hour date, they returned home, having Jamie already planned a trip to Utah to see Jack. Every day, Jack and Jamie talked. Jamie planned a trip to Utah for the long Labor Day weekend. This was her first visit to Utah, and she immediately fell in love with the state’s mountains! During this trip, Jack and Jamie had a serious discussion about where they wanted their relationship to go. Jack made it clear that he would never return to Tennessee. In Jamie’s thoughts, this is easy because she envisions herself living in Utah! They agreed to have a long-distance relationship until they could decide whether or not to continue their relationship.

For the first year, they took turns visiting each other. They both agreed that it was time to move their relationship forward. Jamie moved to Utah in December 2012, and it was the best decision she’d ever made! What a privilege it was to take on their first home, a home that had

been in the family for over 50 years, and continue to make memories in it. Jack and Jamie were married at the courthouse in February 2014, with the intention of having a larger ceremony with all of their family and friends later. They were able to have a wonderful ceremony with all of their friends and family in May 2015.

They went through things that few newlywed couples go through during their first years of marriage; they learned a lot, and they realized that marriage isn’t all that difficult when you’re married to your best friend. Jack and Jamie discovered that becoming excellent friends first helped them become who they are now. They’ve worked very hard to get where they are in life, and they’re excited to see their dreams come true.

Meet Jack

Jack is the only child of his mother and has two step-siblings from his father. He was born in the state of Tennessee. He and his mother moved to Utah in the early 1980s. Jack spent a lot of time visiting his relatives in Tennessee until he moved there in 2001, where he met Jamie. Jack returned to Utah in 2004. Jack is a Costco employee who has worked in a variety of areas. He enjoys meeting new individuals every day at work and enjoys what he does for Costco. Jack is

always learning new things and pushing himself to be the best he can be. He is a very open person who enjoys sharing everything he knows with others.

Jack As Told by Jamie

Jack is a traditional southern gentleman who values politeness. He will go to any length to assist anyone who is in need. He is a hard-working person who is also loyal and respectful.  Jack continuously treats me like a queen and makes me feel like a wonderful, beautiful, incredible person. He is constantly showering me with gifts and taking me out on romantic outings. Jack’s contagious laughter is one of the things that I and others adore in him; he has the best belly laughs that make everyone else laugh along with him. Jack enjoys making jokes but can also be serious when necessary. He is a child trapped in the body of an adult. Jack is a devoted family man. His nieces and nephews consider him a favorite uncle. He adores children! I’ve seen him be so patient with children, taking the time to play with them, teach them new things, build a love of music and dancing in them, and have amusing conversations with them. He is ecstatic to become a father, and he is going to be fantastic at it!

Meet Jamie

Jamie grew up as the youngest of five children. She was born in Texas and lived there for her first ten years before moving to Tennessee. She resided there for 12 years before going to Georgia for 5 years until finally settling in Utah in 2012. Utah is where she calls home. The Utah mountains are a favorite of Jamie’s. Jamie is a program coordinator for the Deaf Parent-Infant Program. She oversees the state of Utah’s Deaf Mentor program, which teaches American Sign 

Language (ASL) and English bilingualism to families with deaf or hard-of-hearing children. Jamie is an aunt to a large number of nieces and nephews, whom she has raised as if they were her own. Her doors are always open, and she eagerly anticipates their visits and the time spent with them. They are one of her biggest joys.

Jamie As Told by Jack

Jamie is a fun-loving person. She loves to cook and is a fantastic cook. I have never really had anything that I didn’t like. She is a very career-driven woman who is a BOSS, literally and figuratively. Jamie is very family-minded and caring. She always wants to be with her nieces and nephews. She is a wonderful wife who enjoys keeping the house tidy, and despite the fact that I make it difficult for her, she excels at it. Jamie’s smile and laugh light up a room. One of the many things that made me fall in love with her was her love of the great outdoors. She enjoys hiking, climbing, camping, and most recently, kayaking. She enjoys working in the yard, and getting dirty is a must. She is a wonderful fur mom to our dogs, both present and past. Jamie’s outer beauty is only matched by her inner beauty. She is very giving in everything she does in her world. I am truly blessed to have her as my friend and partner.

Meet Our Fur Babies

Our American red-nose bull terrier, Groot, is seven years old. Vespa, our four-year-old American blue brindle bull terrier, is a four-year-old American blue brindle bull terrier. Both are rescued puppies. They’re two of the biggest couch potatoes you’ll ever meet. They adore it when family and friends, especially our nieces and nephews, come to visit. When the kids are

here at our house, they are the sweetest nanny dogs that love to be the children’s shadows and notify us when one of them is hurt or crying. Groot and Vespa enjoy greeting people, kissing them, snuggling them, and demanding hugs. Fun Facts: Both Groot and Vespa know two languages: English and American Sign Language. We like to name our dogs after characters from movies that we love.

ASL/English Bilingual & Bicultural

Jack and Jamie are a bilingual adoptive couple with a happy, loving home who are well-educated and financially secure. They are a committed, bilingual couple who communicate using both English and American Sign Language (ASL). Jack spent two years in the ASL LDS mission in

Miami, FL, where he served and learned ASL. Following his mission, Jack continued his education in ASL at the University of Tennessee, eventually becoming an ASL interpreter. Jamie was born deaf and learned both ASL and Listening Spoken Language (LSL) as she grew up. Being bilingual is a priority for both of their families, and it’s something Jack and Jamie hope to pass on to their child, despite their diverse upbringings.

Adoption Inspiration

We had known for a long time that we wanted to expand our family through adoption. We were waiting for God to perfectly align everything before moving forward. We’ve arrived, the doors have opened, and the opportunity has led us to adopt. What could we possibly say to justify your decision to entrust us with the care and love of life’s most precious gift? What we can promise you is that we will never forget your bravery and courage. Regardless of the circumstances, you are making the ultimate sacrifice. Your son or daughter will know that your heart is fearless and full of love for them from the moment he or she is born. We will teach them that they are extraordinarily special as a result of your strong and courageous decision. We hope to meet you, love you, and support you in any way possible. We promise to speak

fondly and respectfully of you. We will emphasize the significance of unconditional love. We will read to and rock your child to sleep every night. We will also encourage your child to participate in a sport or recreational activity of their choice. We value your child’s health and promise that they will see a doctor and a dentist on a regular basis. We plan to decorate our home with their photographs and artwork. Your child will have the opportunity to be whomever they want to be in life, and we will support them. Your child will be encouraged to pursue their dreams and to love life the way God intended. Your child will understand that he or she is adored by both you and us. We pledge to protect, love, and support your child in all aspects of his or her life.

Thank you!

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