Referral Policy

In an effort to meet the needs of child care providers & the community, Care About Childcare (CAC) at Children’s Service Society established the following criteria for listing potential providers and giving child care referrals.The CAC database consists of regulated child care providers and programs that are legally license-exempt as defined by the Utah Child Care Licensing Program. These providers are referred to herein as (child care providers or providers) and include child care centers, family home providers, preschools, summer camps and school-age programs.

CAC does not endorse or recommend one child care provider over another. In accordance with federal law, CAC does not discriminate against clients or providers based on religion, race, color, national origin, sex, age, or disability. Funding provided by the Federal Child Care and Development Fund, the Department of Workforce Services, and the Office of Child Care.

  • Confidentiality

    Care About Childcare endeavors to maintain the confidentiality of all information provided by clients seeking child care referrals. Demographic information collected is used for statistical purposes only. CAC does not share with any outside party information about any individual client or family requesting referral services, unless required to do so pursuant to an administrative court order or subpoena. Care About Childcare shares information about providers’ services with clients requesting referrals. CAC collects information about providers’ fees in order to provide the clients and the community with general child care rate averages by zip code. CAC does not give out information concerning the fees or rates of individual providers. For providers’ protection, only their approximate street coordinates are given out by CAC. Care About Childcare may periodically respond to requests for provider address labels from other child care agencies or organizations. Each request must be submitted in writing and individually approved by the CAC Director. Such organizations may include child care provider associations, Head Start programs, child nutrition programs, and other similar groups.

  • Eligibility of Providers

    All child care providers on the referral database must be regulated by the Utah Child Care Licensing Program or be a legally license-exempt program such as a pre-school, school-age program or summer camp. All providers must complete the CAC database intake form stating name, location, cost, hours of operation, phone numbers, type of care provided, and specifics relating to their program. Family child care providers, who are exempt from licensing regulations, because they have four or fewer non-related children, are not eligible to be listed on the referral database. No provider has an automatic right to be listed on the referral database.

  • Referral Process

    Care About Childcare offers free child care referrals to parents. We in no way recommend or endorse any child care provider. We have no control over, nor do we assume any responsibility or liability for, the quality of services offered by any child care provider. Our function is solely to provide clients with a list of potential providers who operate a legal child care program and who meet the criteria specified by the client in their referral request. We strongly encourage clients to visit potential providers and contact the Utah Child Care Licensing Program to check the complaint record and compliance history of any provider they are considering. We also provide free information about how to choose a quality child care environment based on opinions and suggestions of child development professionals. CAC has no authority over child care providers & has no role in regulating health or safety. Child care providers are regulated by the Utah Child Care Licensing Program.

  • Complaint Procedures

    Care About Childcare will refer any person with a complaint about a regulated child care provider to the Utah Child Care Licensing Program. CAC will refer any person who suspects abuse/neglect to Utah Child Protective Services. Because they are not regulated, there is limited recourse for clients with a complaint against programs that are legally license-exempt, including: pre-schools, summer camps and school-age programs. Upon receipt of referrals for any non-regulated provider, CAC will inform clients that, since no state agency regulates these programs, there is no regulatory agency to which complaints can be reported for investigation. The responsibility to monitor unregulated providers lies with the parent or guardian. CAC will refer cases involving suspected child abuse, however, directly to Utah Child Protective Services.Any client or provider, who would like to place a grievance with regard to CAC services, may contact the CAC Program Director at 801-355-4847 or 866-438-4847.

  • Removal from the Care About Childcare Referal Database

    1) Causes for immediate and permanent removal from the CAC Referral Database may include, but are not limited to, the following:

    • Serious injury to a child including but not limited to death, loss of limb or brain damage resulting from conditions within a provider’s control.
    • Substantiated report of abuse by Utah Child Protective Services.

    2) If a provider fails to respond for more than 30 days to a CAC request to update the provider’s program information, the provider’s name may be removed from the referral service. The provider will be notified by mail that their referral information is out-dated and given 30 days to contact CAC after which time their name will be removed from the child care database. Providers who have incorrect contact information will also be removed from the child care database. Providers can be reinstated by contacting CAC and providing updated information. 3) Upon receipt of notification from the Utah Child Care Licensing Program that a provider no longer has a current and valid license to provide child care, the provider will be removed from the child care database. CAC will also remove a provider’s name from the child care referral database upon written request by the provider.