Child Care Data

Child care is much more than just caring for children. Child care is a family issue, a business issue, an employment issue, an education issue, and a community issue. Child care has an estimated ripple effect on Utah business of $820 million dollars.

Care About Childcare strives to work with all sectors of the community to provide resources and information to educate parents, child care providers, and the community about the importance of child care and the services available.

We all know employees are more productive when they know their children are safe during the day, after school, and during school vacations. Families with access to quality child care are more likely to maintain stable environments for their children, are less likely to move, are more likely to stay employed, and are more likely to volunteer for community causes. Children in quality after school programs are less likely to smoke, drink, use drugs, or engage in criminal activities and they are more likely to excel in school.

What is the current cost of child care?

Care About Childcare @ Children’s Service Society values the opinion of child care providers in Salt Lake and Tooele Counties regarding the services we offer. Below is the survey results from our 2018 annual survey. This information helps us to understand the level of satisfaction, as well as assess the areas in which we can improve. Please contact Encarni Gallardo, Executive Director at 801-326-4380 or if you would like to contacted regarding any of the responses or for more information.

2018 Annual Survey Cover Page


2018 Annual Survey Family Childcare

2018 Annual Survey Teachers

City Reports

Salt Lake Report

Tooele Report

For additional questions or requests for child care data, please contact:

Sarah Hansen
Resource & Data Coordinator