Hi there. We want to just take a moment and say a heartfelt thank you for taking a few minutes to get to know us. We know that this must have been a long and hard process and can’t imagine how difficult this choice must be for you. With that said, we can promise you that your child will have a safe and supportive home with a lot of fun and laughter. We would enjoy some sort of open adoption and are respectful of any choice you make in regards to how open you see the adoption being.

We are Chris and Lesle. We both love to laugh and joke around. Chris is a prankster, pretty easy going, and fiercely loyal. Lesle always sees the silver lining. She is one to try to understand every situation and loves to have fun. We are a happy couple that enjoys being with our families. You can find us at the ball park, watching nieces or nephews play, on an outdoor adventure, or traveling (either with or without family and friends).

Chris and Lesle met as teenagers while playing softball on opposite teams. We saw each other on and off over the years while playing youth ball and reconnected as adults when Lesle joined Chris’ rec league team. Chris asked Lesle out and neither of us have ever looked back. Our love grew while competing against other teams (and even winning a State Championship), camping, talking for hours, cooking together, and getting to know one another’s families. We were married in 2014 and have been making wonderful memories since. We have always talked about a child of our own and have looked forward to adopting so that we are able to share our love, support, family, and everything we have within us both, with a child. We couldn’t be more ready or excited.

We both grew up in Northern Utah and love the outdoors. We love to travel and on our last trip we visited the Bahamas, St. Thomas, and St Maarten. We had fun snorkeling, driving our own boat, and playing in the sand and sea. Closer to home we love to take nieces and nephews on the 4 wheelers, have picnics at the park, take the pups on walks, or see a good movie.

We live in a great neighborhood with lots of little kids. Our home is a newer two story with 6 beds and 3 baths. There is plenty of space for toys and fun. It has a fully fenced back yard and the pups have plenty of room to run around. We love to get out there and play catch or yard games with the nieces and nephews, or grill and make delicious smores.


Chris (on the right)

I work as a Prototype technician (I build circuit boards).  I have 3 sisters and 1 brother (Even though I’m the oldest of us sisters I look the youngest!).  I love all sports but my 2 favorites are baseball and rugby.  I played slow-pitch and fast-pitch softball.  I also played rugby.  I love to cheer on my New York Yankees and the New Zealand All Blacks.  I like to make jewelry and have a new passion of woodworking.  I also love movies but my all-time favorite is Star Wars.  I have been blessed to have a very close relationship with my nieces and nephews.  When they were younger, they would always want to have sleep overs and we would have so much fun.  It also gave me the opportunity to teach them all sorts of things. Anything from sports to working hard in yard for some extra cash.  My favorite food is a bacon cheeseburger anytime of day but they seem to taste more delicious at breakfast!!

From Lesle about Chris:

Chris is the most fun loving and competitive person that you could imagine. She is willing do go to great lengths for her family, friends, or most anyone in need. She is very sensitive although she doesn’t want to show that too much. She is a wonderful aunt to our nieces and nephews and they all love her like crazy. She loves to work hard and certainly enjoys playing hard as well.

Lesle (on the left)

I am a Registered Nurse and work as an administrator. I am the 3rd of 4 children, and have 2 brothers and 1 sister whom I love dearly. We all live close to one another and that makes it easy to have fun! I love to get outside and have a nice day in the sun. I am normally pretty mellow and don’t take life too seriously. I try not to worry about the things that I cannot change. I like to have fun whether that is going on a trip, playing with the nieces and nephews, or having a good belly laugh because I did something dumb. You could find me watching a good crime series or trying to find good Chinese take-out. I love being a nurse and the nasty stuff is my favorite!

From Chris about Lesle:

Lesle is the most amazing, giving, patient and fun-loving person.  She always looks at the positive even when things are tough.  She always knows exactly what to say to make anyone feel at ease.  Everyone looks up to Lesle and respects her input.  She loves to laugh and spend time with family.


We have three pups:

Pixee is 11 and loves to play and try to boss us around for treats.

Hunee is 6 and loves to snuggle up to you all night.

Rubee is 3 and she love to run arounds and get silly.

They love to go on walks and play, lay in the sun, and go for rides in the car.


We have always known that there was a missing piece in our family.  We are ready to create new memories and explore new adventures with a child. Even those memories that come from hard times as a teen or when they crash the car.  We can’t wait to go to Disney, to teach him/her to play ball or take them to piano lessons (or whatever they may be interested in).  We have always wanted to give a child all the love we can while making sure they have strong boundaries and grow up to be a wonderful and kind human being. Someone that watches out for those who need it, and very tolerant of all kinds of people.

Thanks so much for taking the time to learn about us.



To learn more about Chris & Lesle contact CSS at tara@cssutah.org
or call/text 801-656-8527.

Quick Q & A with Chris & Lesle: