Adult Adoptee Support Group

Children’s Service Society believes that adoption should first and foremost be about the child.  However, all children grow up; and their need for adoption services does not end just because they become an adult.  We offer an adopted persons support group for adults to make sure that the most important voices in adoption can be heard and understood.  Our support group is inclusive and comfortable.

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How adopted persons feel about the group:

  •  “There’s nothing like coming together and feeling truly understood, not having to sugar coat my adoption narrative”
  •  “It’s so beneficial listening to other adoptees stories and resonating with their experiences.”
  •  “I think this format is perfect, I really like the open discussion dynamic and providing questions/topics that spark more conversation.”
  •  “I enjoyed being able to be here to talk in a supportive environment, it’s so incredible.”
  •  “I enjoy talking with people like me. Feeling like I can share with people that understand and get me.”