Thanks so much for taking a moment to read our letter. We are Mike and Angy, and we would love to share with you a little bit about ourselves and what has brought us to writing this message.

A Bit about Us

We met over six years ago in Baltimore, Maryland. We quickly fell in love and were married about two years later. Since then we’ve spent two years hoping for a child of our own. As soon as we started this journey, we knew that if a biological child wasn’t a possibility for us, we’d want to adopt. More on that later!

We are both the oldest of three children in our families. Although we grew up in very culturally different families, (Angy is of Indian descent and Mike is Caucasian), we are both Catholic. We were also fortunate to have parents who showed us love and imposed strong values on us. We each have siblings who we have maintained strong relationships with. None of our siblings have children, so our child would be the first grandchild in our family and would be undoubtedly showered with love (we’ll do our best to keep him or her from getting spoiled though!)

Shortly after we got engaged, Angy was offered a job in Salt Lake City as a research scientist. Luckily, because Mike is a writer, he was flexible and able to move easily. We currently live in a bungalow close to a park, in a neighborhood filled with young couples and young children. We have spent the last three years putting a lot of work into making our house a home, painting the walls, landscaping the yard, and giving each room a dose of our personality.

Between the two of us, we’ve racked up a lot of different hobbies: rock climbing, tennis, hiking, cooking, and more. We know that our lives will change drastically when we welcome a child into our family, but we are really excited to continue hobbies liking hiking with our child and also to adjust our lifestyle and share in new activities together as a family.

Why We Want a Family

We feel fortunate to be raised by good families. We’ve had very few worries and we know many can’t say the same. So we want to share those blessings with a child, not just so we can raise a safe and happy child, but so that child can go on to do even more good in the world.

We get really excited about the idea of reading to a child or teaching him or her all the things we’ve learned. We also want travel together, explore the world, and most importantly, spend a lot of time laughing together.

What We Want in a Family

It’s hard to imagine, for many reasons, what our new family will look like. We do hope that our family will include you as well. We look forward to sharing pictures, letters, and phone calls with you as long as you feel comfortable. We’re open to discussing visits and more too.

One reason it is hard for us to predict what our relationship will be like is because we are planning on eventually moving back to the East coast. We have enjoyed our time in Utah but we have always known that we would like to move back to be closer to our families.

We hope to learn more about you through this process, and as we teach our child about our cultures and where we came from, tell the child about his or her culture as well.

We’ve tried to imagine ourselves in your shoes and it is hard to do. Thank you for making this very difficult decision and we hope that out of this decision there can come love and happiness for everyone involved.