Thanks so much for taking the time to read our profile. We are Tim and Jess!

We have a 4-year-old girl, a happy go lucky labradoodle Lucy, and 6 chickens (the girls).

Tim and I met in 2008, on We chatted back and forth a few times then agreed to have our first date at Starbucks. We got engaged on Christmas day 2010, and were married April of 2011. Our daughter Sofia was born in July 2014.

We have chosen to adopt because we have a tremendous amount of love to offer and wish to have more children. We have not been able to get pregnant since Sofia’s birth in 2014.

Our lives revolve around family; we truly enjoy spending quality time together and sharing life experiences. We love to go on adventures no matter how big or small. We go into the mountains together, hike, camp or just look for bugs under rocks in our backyard.

Ours days at home include cooking breakfast together, then getting ready for the day! We visit the library once a week, then go to museums, parks, or (our favorite spot) the aviary. We usually pack a picnic so we can take as much time as we need to explore! We also enjoy play dates and visiting Grandma at her office for lunch!

Hey I’m Jess!

I moved to Utah when I was 7, from Madison, Wisconsin. I studied special education at the University of Utah and taught all grades between kindergarten and third grade in Granite School District and I and LOVED every year. I have experience in early education, and working with children with mild and severe disabilities.

In July of 2014 our daughter Sofia was born after 29 hours of labor. I was then faced with quitting a job I loved and staying home with our daughter or returning to work. Ultimately we decided that I would stay home with Sofia. Although it has been the hardest transition of my life, I wouldn’t trade it for the world and having to face the decision again, I would do it all over again!

In my free time I play soccer! It is my passion, and though I’m 35, I get out on the field 2-3 a week!

Hey I’m Tim!

I was born in Utah after my parents moved to Salt Lake from Idaho. I went to college in Wisconsin where I ran track and field (I love to run!). Not quite sure what I wanted to do with my life I moved to Ecuador after college to volunteer and study Spanish.  It was there that I worked with refugee families and realized there were a lot more important things in life than making money.

I moved back to Utah where I was lucky enough to meet my wife Jess (we have been married for 7 years). I have worked my whole career for non-profit organizations that support children and families in having access to good educational opportunities. I have been fortunate to have opportunities to advance and this past year became CEO of a non-profit.

Sofia – Almost 4 yrs. old

Sofia was born July 2014. She is the most loving and maternal little being we have ever met. She cares for the well being of all creatures’ great and small.  She loves to dance, ballet in particular. (A talent she most definitely didn’t get from us, we both have 2 left feet!)

She enjoys going on adventures, but currently her favorite pastime is dressing up and playing make believe. She has only known love, and is surrounded by love everyday, so naturally she views the world with love. She cannot wait to become a big sister and talks about ‘her baby’ each day.

Jess’ Family

I come from a family of four. My parents have been married 38 years, and I have a younger brother who is 19 years old. In the fall, he will begin his second year of college in California.

My parents have always been my rocks. My mom is from the East Coast and my dad is from Mexico, so I have diverse Mexican-Italian background. They both work at the University of Utah. They have set such wonderful examples of parenting, and strong family and marriage values.

More recently they have relished being grandparents and are very involved in Sofia’s’ life. Their home is like her second home, and she gets smothered with love every time she sees them.

Tim’s family

My mom was a schoolteacher and home-schooled all 4 of us. I have an older brother, a younger sister and a younger brother. Homeschooling wasn’t at all what most people think of. We spent a lot of time on my grandparents ranch (riding horses and herding cattle)  and were able to volunteer weekly at Hogle Zoo. We fell in love with reading, and never had to take tests!

My parents always put us first; they never bought a new car, never had fancy things, but spent a lot of time with us. They instilled in us strong values, and we went to church every week and were thankful for the blessings we received.  Our favorite vacations are visiting my siblings and parents in Idaho, Washington and California.

Family Values and our Promise to You

We sincerely enjoy spending time together and sharing experiences. We don’t even have a TV up in our house for that very reason. Time goes by so fast as it is, we want to cherish our time together. Every night we eat dinner at home together around our dining table. On the weekends we put away our phones and work on quality time together outside. Every Sunday we attend church together. It is important to us that we model positive and healthy relationships to Sofia.

We believe in attachment parenting. Attachment parenting is, “parenting that promotes the attachment of parent and infant, not only by empathy and responsiveness but also but continuous closeness and touch.”  We don’t believe an infant should be confined to a car seat or play pen, they should be free to explore. If we go on outings we generally like to ‘wear’ baby in a carrier or a wrap, so even though they are little, they can enjoy the experience with us!

From an early age Sofia has been encouraged to explore the world on her terms. We want her to become…her! Her likes and dislikes are her choices and we support her through the process. This is how we intend on raising our next child.

Thank you for your time!

May you find peace in this journey!

Tim and Jess


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