Thank you for taking some time to learn about us! Adoption has touched our lives in a profound and beautiful way and we are excited for this new adventure.
Please know we are so grateful for you and you will always be held in the highest regard in our home. We are committed to creating a relationship that works for everyone.

About Us…
We met while working together at a law firm in Las Vegas about thirteen years ago and we have been inseparable ever since. We got married seven years ago and after several years of struggling with infertility we had the great fortune to adopt our beautiful daughter, June.
We love spending time together creating new traditions and enjoying the closeness of our little family. We spend lots of time exploring the city we live in -especially the parks. This past summer June learned to ride her bike and pump herself on the swing. It has been so fun to watch her explore and conquer her world and we love to celebrate even the little victories!
We like playing games and watching movies together too. June gives us the excuse to sort of relive our childhood and we treasure every moment!


Our Dogs…
Our family really began when we got our two Boston Terriers.

Zilla is eight years old. She is very playful and can play catch for hours at a time! She loves kids and is immediately drawn to any and all children. She is extremely gentle and sweet with them.

Poppy is just over six year old. She is a little lap dog that loves to be outside soaking up the sun when she isn’t giving kisses and cuddling. She is especially fond of her grandparents.

We love spending time with our dogs – walking, hiking and playing at the park. After the dogs got their first suspicious sniff of June out of the way, they took right to her. Now, she is their go-to person for ball throwing and treats. We know they will adapt well to another new member of the family as well!


About Marie…from Steve:
Marie is as sweet as they come. As our relationship grew, I discovered how kind, giving and caring she is. I thank God every day that I was given the chance to meet her. I consider myself lucky and blessed just to know her and cannot imagine my life without her in it.

Marie grew up in Utah and comes from a big, close-knit family. She has several nieces and nephews who she is extremely close with. We always have a great time visiting her family and we try to visit them every few months.

In her spare time Marie loves to read, watch movies, take pictures and spend time with her family. She is also a great cook – which I appreciate more than she knows! Marie is a terrific mother. I love to see the beautiful connection she has with our daughter and I know she looks forward to the same kind of relationship with a second child.


About Steve…from Marie:
Steve is a big softy. He is kind and loving and sensitive to the needs of those around him. I have always really valued those traits in him. Steve is a great provider; he is hard working and dedicated to everything he does.

Steve grew up near Cleveland, Ohio. He has a very close and loving family, most of which still live in Ohio. They are some of the nicest people I have ever met and I feel lucky to have them in our life. We try to visit them at least once a year. Every couple of years we take a big family trip to Florida together –playing on the beach and ocean, eating fish every night, shopping and exploring Florida has been an amazing way to bond.

Steve loves all sports, especially football! He is always trying to get June excited to watch a football game with him…and sometimes he even succeeds! Steve has a special way of making June laugh harder than anyone can. He is silly and goofy and tender all at once.



About June…
June is almost 4 years old and goes to preschool. She is a ton of fun and always makes us laugh. Above anything else –she loves to dance! She has taken dance classes for the past two and a half years and dances all over the house daily. We are so proud of our little ballerina!

She likes to help in the kitchen, play dress up and loves to play pretend. It has been an incredible experience to watch her grow from a tiny 5 lb baby to the smart, sensitive and happy girl she is now. We can’t wait to see the amazing things she will do in her life.

We work hard to provide her with diverse experiences and people in her life that look like her. We go to special transracial adoption play groups and events. We talk about adoption and June’s birth family all the time and treasure the relationships we have with her biological siblings.

Almost daily she says: “Me real want a baby!” She is dying to have a sibling to shower with love…and so are we!


The Future…
We look forward to learning and growing with the special little soul that comes into our life. We hope to help your child build the skills they will need to develop into a confident, balanced and happy person. Most of all we hope to give them a sense of who they are and what their story is. We have amazing family and friends that have encouraged and supported us in our choice to adopt and we know they will be there supporting us throughout our children’s lives.

We welcome you into our life in whatever capacity you are comfortable with. Our hearts and prayers go out to you during this time – and always.

Thank you for considering us.

To learn more about Steve and Marie, please contact us at liesl@cssutah.org

or call/text 801-656-8527.