Hello! We are Steve and Colour Maisch.1

We are excited to be on the journey of open adoption. It is our hope that you are able to get to know us through this letter and who we will be as parents as you travel through this life-changing, love-filled decision. Since Steve and his sister are adopted, we strongly believe in the value of open adoption and know it to be a wonderful way to create a family. We look forward to the chance to get to know you and would like you to know that we are committed to open, caring and honest communication throughout this process and the many years after.

About Us:

While we are each from different ends of the country it was our passion for the
mountains that drew us both to Utah where we fell in love and began our lives together. 9We met at the climbing gym- Colour’s cousin pointed Steve out (who at the time had green hair) and said “There’s your guy.” She was right, we have been together ever since. Neither of us ever thought we would stay in Utah but we love being close to family and everything it has to offer from city life to biking, climbing, skiing and hiking, things we can’t wait to share with a child one day.


Our house is filled with love, respect, laughter, honesty, a snuggly cat named Tico and our oldest family member, Hank, the dog. Steve teaches at the university just up the street from our house and also loves coaching professional climbing athletes and cooking. Colour has a catering business with two partners and makes and teaches art whenever she can. We bo8th feel very lucky to have flexible schedules that will allow us to put a child at the forefront of our lives.

About Steve from Colour

Steve is going to be the BEST dad. Every child that comes within ten feet of him is
15immediately drawn to his playfulness, authenticity and warmth. I can picture Steve teaching our child to ski and climb or reading them their favorite books at bedtime. I knew the moment I met Steve that he was an amazing person. Not only is Steve one of the most dedicated and loving people I have ever met he is also the most humble, hard working and smart. I can’t wait to see him share all the wonders of the world with a child.


About Colour from Steve

Colour is the greatest person I know. She is a born mother. From her nephews Sol, Bode, For
d or Co16oper to our friend’s kids Saul, Silas or Ruby she loves them to pieces and they love her. Colour is also REALLY funny, loves to dance and is always learning new things like knitting (she has knit me a drawer full of hats and scarves). She helps me remember not to take myself too seriously and that the world is a beautiful place.

Home and Community:

We call downtown Salt Lake City home. Even though we are in the heart of the city we are also close to the mounta6ins and desert. Our home sits on a quiet street near the local elementary school, a really big park and the baseball stadium where we ride our bikes to see games on summer nights. We love hearing the sounds of the park and the kids playing from our front porch and taking our dog, Hank on walks where he can sniff to his hearts content.

Friends and Family:

3Our friends and family can’t wait to welcome a new child. Even though Steve’s family lives outside of our state we are lucky to still be able to spend time together every year playing at the beach with our nephew, Bode or at the annual fourth of July parade in Steve’s sister’s home town.

Colour’s parents, brother, nephew and lots of extended family live just down the street from us and we spend a lot of time together having family dinners or playing together outside at the park or in the mountains.10

In addition to our families many of our close friends and their kids live within walking distance where we enjoy summer BBQs, playing horse shoes or just hanging out.

Loves, Interests and Hobbies:

Climbing and Hiking

Mountain Biking

Trail Running in the snow

Travelling to new places and seeing animals in the wild

Camping in the openness of the desert

Grill Master (Steve)

Our dog, Hank and our cat, Tico

Playing outside anytime we can

Chocolate Chocolate cake (Colour)

The perfect fish and chips (Steve)

Baseball games in the summer and Chicago dogs

Creating a bird sanctuary in our garden (Colour)


Reading a great book, we both love science fiction

Zumba / Latin Dancing (Colour)


Our Promise:

Thank you for taking the time to get to know a bit about us. We are looking forward to learning more about you and your family and what makes you who you are. Our dream is to raise a happy, caring and healthy child who knows their roots, has a sense of humor and has the confidence to go out into the world and create the life of their dreams. We look forward to having you be a part of our journey and to being a part of yours.



To learn more about Stephen & Colour contact us at liesl@cssutah.org or call/text 801-656-8527.