It’s taken a long time to get to this moment, and we are excited to be here! We’re open to love what comes next in life, whatever that is. Life is an adventure, and we are delighted to discover what this next odyssey entails. We are committed to having an honest, respectful relationship with you and will focus on what this child needs from all of us. We pray that you will find love and certainty in this transformative decision.

Our Family

We are about as easy-going as it gets. We own that we are geeks, computer geeks, theater geeks, and media geeks. Sherman is addicted to Dr. Pepper, and Heather is addicted to chocolate. We like to spend time as a family playing a game, cuddling while watching movies, and eating awesome food. We know parenting is a messy, unpredictable, immeasurably joyous adventure. We are excited to ride the wave ahead.

We love to go to the park and feed the ducks, play board games and watch movies, and occasionally have lightsaber fights. Forced culture night was founded by Sherman’s father who shared old movies and literature that he loved with his children. It is a tradition that we have carried on.

Sherman introduces Heather

Heather is a wonderful mother. She is very loving and caring. No matter what we do or say we know she loves us.

She plans and researches what is best for our family.  When we make a change to the home, Heather looks at all of the options and finds what is best for us.

Heather is a theater geek.  She enjoys the new Marvel movies and seeing plays.   She also enjoys sewing and crafting projects when she has free time.

In short, Heather is Awesome!

Heather introduces Sherman

Sherman is the kindest man I know. He is the one who helps with homework because he possesses inexhaustible patience. He has loved being a Dad to Anne and is excited at having a second chance to parent. International house guests were frequent in his home through his Dad’s work, Sherman experienced a taste of many cultures from all over the world and affected who Sherman has become.

He is supportive of the people he loves. If you have a dream, he says go for it, what do you need from me? He turns pink and giggles when he is nervous. His perspective on the world helps me understand how to navigate the ups and downs that are part of life. He makes me laugh and tells me it is okay when I am sad. I am truly blessed to have him as my husband.

Our Story

Heather grew up in Washington State and loved it there. She still sleeps best when it rains. Sherman was born and raised in Utah. When Heather came to the U to finish her degree in theater studies, we met through mutual friends.  A friend of Heather’s from Washington married Sherman’s best friend. We were set up, and after a few evenings of D&D, we started dating. Heather’s parents saw this relationship was serious, so Sherman was invited to Washington for Thanksgiving and given the fishing test. In Heather’s family, any prospective spouses must pass the fishing test. The applicant must bait their hook and gut their fish. Sherman passed despite getting seasick. Upon return from the trip, Sherman proposed immediately! Heather was so surprised that she asked Sherman if he was proposing. Sherman had realized Heather’s family was just like his. In fact, both sets of parents liked each other so much they vacationed together without Heather and Sherman. Fishing, of course.

About Anne

Anne is our daughter. She loves to draw, paint, write comic books, watch anime, perform in musical theater and play guitar. She loves to hear stories about when she was little. Her favorite family tradition is at Christmas. We started a tradition where we hang wrapping paper over the entry to the room where Santa visits. Christmas morning she is allowed to leap through the paper and take in all the magic waiting. It is something she is looking forward to sharing with her new sibling.

 The Future

We look forward to experiencing the world with the little life that becomes part of our reason for being. We hope to grow alongside them as we guide and support them into blossoming into the amazing person they are. We know from our daughter its important for all children to know where they came from to understand who they are in the present. We are delighted to welcome you into our world at whatever level of comfort is right for you. Our hearts and prayers are with you. Thank you for considering our family.


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