“Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.” We have learned that you can plan all you want, but life has its way of throwing you curveballs! How you deal with those curveballs will determine what kind of person you are, and how happy you will be. Both Sheldon and I come from big families, and we wanted a big family too! Right after Tyler was born Stacy got really sick, and we found out that we couldn’t have any more children. We were devastated at first, but then we realized how lucky we were to have the 2 amazing kids that we had. We had thought about adoption over the years, but with Sheldon’s medical training we didn’t have the finances for it. As the years went on we both started feeling like something was missing. We had a great life, and loved our kids more than anything, but we both felt like we had so much more life to share. We were missing a piece of our family, and adoption was the path we needed to follow to complete it. Our 2 kids are teenagers now, and we felt like this needed to be a family decision. When we asked them what they thought about us adopting a new sibling, we were shocked at how excited they were! They both even put on their Christmas lists this year that they wanted a baby brother or sister. We know that life has probably not gone the way you have planned as well, but we want you to know that the love we have to share with your child extends to you as well! You can never have too many people in your life that love you and care for you.



Sheldon and Stacy both grew up in the Salt Lake Valley in very loving homes. Stacy went to College at Utah Valley University in Provo, and Sheldon went to Weber State University in Ogden. We were going to schools that were over an hour away from each other, but fate found a way to get us together. We both went to a big dance with our friends out at Saltair. As we were dancing we noticed each other across the dance floor, and could not stop smiling at each other. It sounds really “cheesy” but it was like love at first sight! We went on our first date a couple of weeks later, and were inseparable after that! We were married on a very snowy April day in Salt Lake that next year. The weather was not what we had planned, but the tulips popping out of the snow made it a more beautiful day then we could have imagined. We both transferred to the University of Utah to finish school. Mylee was born a year after we were married, and Tyler was born right before we moved to Puerto Rico to go to Medical School. Sheldon had lived in Puerto Rico for 2 years serving a mission, and wanted to go back so he could be a bilingual doctor. It was an amazing experience for our family to live there and experience the culture for 4 years. After Puerto Rico we moved to Iowa for Sheldon to do his Residency program at the University of Iowa. We loved Puerto Rico and Iowa, and we will always consider them our homes! After the coldest winter in 100 years we decided that we couldn’t stay in Iowa, and moved to the warm desert of Southern Utah, and we have now been here for 5 years!


The first thing I noticed about Sheldon was his smile. It brightens the room when he walks in, and it still makes me melt! He is my best friend, and has always been by my side through all of the ups and downs of life. He is a Physician at a clinic in our town. He is a very caring and compassionate doctor, and works hard to give his patients the best care. He is also the best Dad ever!! Even if he has worked a really long shift and comes home exhausted, he will always go out and play in the backyard with our kids. He has been their coach for soccer and baseball, and he is always helping them with their homework. He is also the patient one that can handle teaching our kids how to drive! Everything he does is for our family, and he would do anything for us! He also is a huge sports fan! Soccer and basketball are his favorites. He plays both basketball and soccer every week, and he enjoys watching our kids play and excel in the sports that they love! He is fluent in Spanish, and it is fun watching him use it in the places we go and out on the soccer field. He also builds furniture, and helps me with home improvements in his spare time. He is the hardest worker I know, but he loves to have fun as well!

ABOUT STACY (by Sheldon)

Stacy is someone that has an ability to be a friend to anyone.  When she was little she was put next to the shy kids in class because she could get them to talk when no one else could. I remember sitting on the phone with her for hours while we were dating, just to listen to her talk, and loving every minute of it. She is still the same way, she is the most kind and loving person, and shares that love with everyone she meets.  If you have a bad day, feel down, or if things don’t go the way you expected, Stacy will help lift you up, she has such a loving heart and an ability to make you feel better and see the good in life. She also wears her emotions, she is the first to cry with you, laugh with you, and share in your success and joys.  With our kids she is the first one to be there, she is their best friend, their motivator, their loving arms to come home to, their biggest support and fan. She loves to have fun, always wanting to play a game, watch a movie, go hiking, or play almost any sport.  She loves to travel and is always planning out the next vacation or weekend getaway.

Family is a big part of her life, she loves being a Mom and taking care of our two kids and has always wanted to add to our family.  She loves seeing our extended family as well and spending time with nieces and nephews, who say Aunt Stacy is there favorite. She is a hard worker and takes pride in taking care of our home, our family needs and our yard.  Our home wouldn’t run as well if we didn’t have her here to make sure everything was being taken care of.


Mylee is 17 years old, and our Super girl! She is successful at anything she tries, but she also works harder than most kids. She is a junior and is currently a High School cheerleader, and on the High School soccer and track teams. She was All Region in Soccer, and is one of the top hurdlers in the State in track! She also was the anchor for all of her relays to get them qualified for State. She is skilled in tumbling and still takes lessons, and is also on the top club soccer team in St. George.

She also has taken ballet and pointe for most of her life. She is kind and a friend to everyone. She is very determined and competitive.  She is a 4.0 student and in all of the Honors classes. Her goal was to go to BYU and then onto Medical School like her dad, but she is being recruited by an Ivy League school for track, so she is still deciding on what College she’ll go to. She loves to read, just like her Mom. She loves the ocean more than anything, and wishes we still lived by one. She is very talented, yet very humble and has a big heart, and is the best big sister ever!



Ty (that’s what we call him) is 15 years old, a freshmen, and our soccer star! He is on a National League soccer team in Las Vegas, and his team is ranked 4th in the Nation! He has also been on ODP (Olympic Development Program) for the past 2 years, and was on Real Salt Lake’s Discovery Academy. He is very good at basketball and football, but soccer is his passion. He works very hard and is very competitive. He likes to play the guitar, and sing in his spare time. You wouldn’t guess it by watching him on the field, but he is our little teddy bear. He has always been cuddly, and is very sensitive. He cares a lot and worries about others. He is also a 4.0 student in all Honors classes. He wants to play soccer for Stanford or Duke, and eventually play Professional Soccer. His backup plan is to be an orthodontist. He is a happy boy and a joy in our lives! He is also very humble, and most people don’t know of his accomplishments.



We live in beautiful Southern Utah! You can see Zion National Park from our front yard, and we have a beautiful view of Pine Valley Mountain from our backyard. We live on an acre that is filled with fun things to do. We have a swimming pool, trampoline, putting green, basketball court, volleyball net, and of course a mini soccer field. With relatively warm weather all year we spend a lot of time outside together. We enjoy all of the hiking trails that are close by, and we love that Brianhead Ski Resort is less than an hour away since we like to snowboard as a family.



We LOVE celebrating holidays, especially Christmas and Halloween. We have dressed up in family themed Halloween costumes for the last 10 years, and love doing it!  For Christmas we still celebrate our family traditions, but we have added some of the Puerto Rican Christmas traditions as well. We go up to the mountains after Thanksgiving and cut down our Christmas tree. Sometimes our tree is bigger than we think it is, and we have crazy stories of trying to get it out! A lot of Stacy’s family live in Kentucky, so we look forward to going out there for Thanksgiving each year. We both come from big families, and we are still very close with both of them. We get together with all of our extended family a few times a year, and see most of them regularly. They are all excited for a new baby to join our family!! Our kids couldn’t ask for better or more supportive grandparents! They come to every game, meet, or recital they can. Disneyland has always been a favorite vacation of ours, and Grandma Larsen (Stacy’s Mom) is the ultimate Disney Grandma! We love to travel, and last year went to England and Hawaii for the first time. We are always looking forward to our next trip! We have a fat cat that looks like Garfield, and his name is Koda. He is the sweetest cat ever, and acts more like a dog. He follows us around when we are outside, and wants a lot of love and attention. Stacy is allergic so he has to stay outside, but he loves exploring our yard.

This is just a little glimpse of our life, but we want you to know that we are a happy family with a lot of love to share, and we hope that one day we might share it with you!

To learn more about Sheldon & Stacy contact CSS at richard@cssutah.org

or call/text 801-656-8527.