On a cold winter night, when I was just a tiny puppy, I came home with Kyley and Shae. I wasn’t ready to be away from my mom yet, but my family decided it was what was best for me. What I didn’t know was that my new family needed me, they had just lost their dog of 14 years and their hearts were heavy, they needed love. Me being the good dog I am I know my job is to bring love, but what I didn’t know how much love they would show me. Sleeping alone at night was very scary, but Kyley and Shae brought me into their bed every night. I couldn’t be left alone during the day, so Shae took me to work every day, sharing her circus world and friends with me. The girls at the studio are very loving and caring, they love me like I am one of their own. Shae and Kyley did everything they could to make sure I was happy and felt safe.

Now that I am all grown up, I know that they are ready for our family to grow again. I cannot wait to show my new human baby our park we go to every day or share with them my special spot on the couch, snuggles are the best! I have gotten the chance to explore a small piece of the world with them, camp and hike with them, cheer them on while they play Nintendo or put together a Lego set. I’ve been a good dog for them, and they have given me their world. Knowing how much love they gave me, nurtured me and took care of me I know that they will share their wonderful lives with anyone who needs them.

Loves and Snuggles,

Walter, the dog


As we sit here trying to fit 18 years into a few pages our hearts are pounding with excitement and emotion. Mostly because we know the positive impact we can have on a child’s life and are anxious to start this new chapter in our lives. We cannot begin to understand the wide range of emotions you are feeling but thank you for taking the time to read a bit about us and considering us to be a part of your adoption journey.

If being raised in a home where love is most important, fun is a close second and adventure is deep in our hearts, we might be the family for you.


Our love story begins with stalking and human sacrifice… One beautiful sunny day during summer break Shae was driving home from work and some crazy driver cuts her off, little did Shae know it was the cute boy that sat in front of her in health class. Every turn he made Shae was right behind him. When he pulled into his home he jumped out of the car “Why are you following me!” Shae wasn’t intentionally following him, she was going to her friends house on the same road, (so she says!!). They talked that day for hours and have been inseparable ever since, until the day they went on their first official date. Halloween 2002, Nightmare on 13th, the scariest haunted house in Salt Lake. As they walk through the haunt Kyley protects Shae, until they hear the chainsaws in the distance, his hands get sweaty, heart racing, they are getting closer… the door opens the man wielding the chainsaw raises it over head, Kyley terrified shoves Shae out of the way pushing her to the ground while he saves himself. Shae laying in the dirt looked at the back of the boy running away and thought “Yup, I am gonna marry that boy one day.”

As long as chainsaws are not around Kyley is an incredible caretaker, he has made it his career becoming a nurse. Shae has always been in charge of her own destiny, from stalking her dream boy, to starting her own aerial fitness studio 10 years ago. This balance of adventures, nurturing and hard work have created an amazing life of love, traveling, exploring nature, lots of laughter, and prepared us for this next chapter of our lives.


For us starting a family didn’t mean we had to take the traditional route, both of us decided at a young age that pregnancy wasn’t the path for us. There were years that we were having so much fun, so in love that we didn’t want to change our perfect lives. Until we realized that our lives are pretty dang awesome so why not share our journey with others and grow our family?! A child isn’t filling a hole in our hearts, it is giving us a chance for our hearts to grow larger. To experience a new type of adventure. We are now in a place where we have settled into our dream home, have an incredible dog, our careers are established, nothing is missing from our lives. We are ready to find the perfect match for our family and share the joys of our lives with someone else.

The world may not change when we adopt our child, but for us our world will be changed forever.


Shae has always loved to explore the world! Growing up she got the opportunity to travel around the world as a student ambassador, from then on, she was hooked! We travel together yearly and have had so much fun traveling around the globe. From cruising through Europe, camping all over Iceland, wrestling elephants in Thailand and hiking through Costa Rica, Shae has done a little bit of everything. She is now excited to explore the world with our child, pass on her adventurous spirit and see what else this world has to offer her family.

Shae’s obsession to Disney is a close second to that of traveling. She can often be found watching Disney Plus, doing Disney themed puzzles or putting together Disney LEGO sets. Her family travels to Disney World as often as they can, and Shae just watched her youngest sister get married at Epcot this year. She loves to read, crochet, trying to teach herself to play the piano (not very successfully) and being outside. We go hiking, camping and exploring whenever we have free time.

But her real passion is her job. Shae has the best job in the entire world, she owns a pole and aerial fitness studio. She strives to create a safe space for people to find their inner strength, to not focus on what the body looks like, but what it can do. Teaching people to defy gravity has taught Shae that it isn’t about the end goal but the journey along the way, failure is imminent, but it is how you push through it that defines you.


Family has always been a priority for Kyley.

Kyley would spend summers camping at the lake, fishing, or riding 4 wheelers at the sand dunes. Camping in Flaming Gorge has shaped him into who he is today. The lake is where he fell in love with nature, swimming has turned into running triathlons, and campfire stories have led to amazing relationships with his family. Kyley’s dad patiently pulling him for hours on the wakeboard as a child has now given him opportunity to teach our nephews and friends kids how to wakeboard. Through these moments he has really learned the joy of unplugging and living life in the moment.

Kyley has been a registered nurse for the past 12 years now. He has had opportunities to work for Intermountain Healthcare for most of that time and now spends his days at home doing work for Select Health. Nursing has taught patience, empathy, and compassion.

Hiking, trail running, and camping are a few of his favorite past times, but if Kyley is not outside you can find him watching the Office or Survivor, building our next Lego set or playing Nintendo. What he is looking forward to the most about being a father is simply the little things. Excited to be the little league coach or dance dad or simply to play in the yard. Being a dad has always been important to him, and he is excited to have this opportunity.

“One of the greatest titles in the world is parent, and one of the biggest blessings in the world is to be one” – Jim, Demint


My papers say I am a lab mix, but everyone knows I am a ham sandwich with extra cheese!! I am the luckiest of dogs, my backyard is huge and has plenty of space for me to run and play fetch, I have lots of friends in the neighborhood and I cannot wait until we get our own playset with a slide. Whenever we go to the park with my nephews I love running up and down the slides with them and chasing them all around the playground.

My days are filled with pleasing my humans with all my tricks, taking them on walks in the mountains behind our house, and giving lots of snuggles, they love it when I lay on top of them! But my favorite days are when the kids come over, my nephews are the best! We play hide and seek, tag, and my favorite game of all is to kiss their faces.


We we’re lucky enough to find our forever home just a couple years ago. We have a home in a quiet suburb of Salt Lake City. We live in a cul-de-sac that backs up to beautiful park at the base of the Wasatch Mountains. We are close to trails, parks, and have plenty of open space for outdoor play. Time is often spent in the yard whether it is gardening, playing cards on the deck or just playing with our dog Walter. We have 2 bedrooms on the main floor of our home that would be perfect for a child’s bedroom. We are excited to fill our home with love and laughter with our family.

A lot has changed since 2003 when this picture was taken from Shae’s junior prom. The world as we know it is completely different and everchanging.

One thing that has not changed is the love we have for each other. We are beyond blessed to be thought of as an option for you in this journey. We have loved sharing a small piece of our lives with you, and hopefully this gives you an idea of what life would be like in our house for a child.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for  considering us.