Hello! We are Chris and Melissa and we are excited to begin this adoption journey! We are happy to open our fun, crazy, and love-filled life to you and your family. We cannot begin to imagine how difficult this journey might be for you, although we hope to bring some form of peace and comfort to you through this letter. Our marriage is strong and our family life is filled with fun memories.

Throughout our lives we have learned that life doesn’t always happen the way you would like it. After years of infertility, miscarriages, and heartache, we have learned to plan for the unexpected and search for opportunities that otherwise wouldn’t have come. We are ready for this new opportunity to add to our family. We have seen successful adoptions within our own family’s and friends lives, and know this is the right direction for our family. We are excited to begin this journey. We hope to learn more about your story but until then, here is ours:

Our Story

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane, back to how our family began. We met in Jackson Hole Wyoming on a river rafting trip with our church. Melissa was a silly girl and rode the river in the hot sun three times that afternoon, only to “impress” her rafting prince charming! We became friends quickly and dated off and on for 3 years. We believe because we were a little older, established, and had been dating for a few years that our transition to marriage was fairly easy.

We were married March of 2011 in Bountiful, Utah. Our wedding and honeymoon were magical! Well, minus the small detail of Melissa falling on her back in the shower the night before. Our parents worried when we were a little late to the ceremony because we had to get gas and maybe breakfast at McDonalds. Our honeymoon was also “unforgettable”; we went to Mexico, where we both got sick! But it was all we had hoped for- and more!

Our Family

We love to be together whether it’s on a vacation, movie night at home, or in the front room playing cars. We like to have fun and there is frequent silliness, music, and laughter in our home. It’s not uncommon to see crazy dancing and hear off-key singing going on; although let it be known that Lincoln has the better moves of us three. Chris is a kid at heart and is always trying to get Lincoln to gang up on Melissa and tickle her. Chris does frequently help in the kitchen, although you will see Melissa in there cooking the majority of the time, trying out new Pinterest recipes. We love being outside in the summer riding bikes, playing with sidewalk chalk, BBQing or working in the garden.

We love holidays, birthdays, decorating the house, and making goodies. Our favorite holidays are 4th of July and Christmas. In July, you will find us at any city celebration enjoying parades and fireworks. In December we are always looking for the best lights or fun holiday festivities to attend.

We like attending sporting events, and we are especially excited for Lincoln to try out some little league teams this year! Extracurricular activities were important in our childhood and we want to encourage our kids to participate. Whether it is in sports, music, or school clubs, we see the importance of kids getting involved.

We recently went on vacation to California where we had the chance to go to Sea World and “Mickey Mouse’s house” (as Lincoln says) at Disneyland. We look forward to taking more fun family trips.


Lincoln is our only child. He was born in 2012 and he is our biological son. He is a happy, smart, and funny, yet shy, toddler! He loves Mickey Mouse, sea turtles, dogs, puzzles, books, and especially his motorized tractor! He loves riding in his tractor and being big, just like his Grandpa! He loves learning, and will begin preschool in the fall. He loves play dates and especially playing with his cousins. He is excited to become a big brother someday.


Chris grew up in Utah with three sisters. He has three nephews. His dad owned a construction company so at a very young age he learned to work hard. Everyone admires this characteristic in Chris, and he is dedicated and works hard in all aspects of his life. He didn’t love homework, but loved the social aspects of school and loved running Cross Country. He lettered for 4 years! He served a proselyting mission for our church for 2 years in the Midwest. After his mission, Chris continued construction with his dad and has built 3 of his own homes, including our current home. He is getting the itch and is ready to finish our basement, and eventually build another house. He earned his Associates degree and is currently working as a successful salesman, covering Northern Utah.

Chris loves anything to do with sports! He loves to watch it on TV or go and support the local sports teams. He also loves being active and loves camping; he tells me he can’t wait for the day we can get our own trailer. He is a busy body and is always helping those around him!

Chris is a very loving, involved, fun and patient father. You will always see him on the ground with Lincoln playing cars, building Legos, and exploring. He is definitely the fun parent! He is very eager to have another child added to our family.


Melissa grew up in Utah. She has 3 brothers and 1 sister, and 15 nieces and nephews, including one nephew who was adopted. She loved school and was involved in volleyball and basketball. She went to college in the Midwest and played college basketball. She also received her Bachelor’s degree. Melissa worked full time before Lincoln was born. She is currently working part time about 5-10 hours a week and helps run a support group for children. Her degree was in Social Work and she loves keeping a small piece of that active through helping kids in her groups.

Melissa loves sports, socializing, our family book club, learning to garden, and baking. She is organized and always busy planning the next best thing for our family to do. Melissa loves her family and loves to go go go.

Melissa is a caring and loving mom. She loves being home with Lincoln and teaching him. They love play dates with friends and visiting the zoo, museums, the library and the park. They also love lazy days at home snuggling on the couch, and cleaning up at 4:30 before Daddy gets home at 5:00! Our infertility issues have been very wearying on her and no one is more ready to welcome another child to our home.

Friends, Family, Neighborhood

As seen from our pictures we have a lot of extended family! Both sides of our family live close and we see them a lot. We celebrate birthdays, holidays, Sunday dinners, game nights, family reunions, or really any reason to get together. We see both sides of our family frequently and they are very involved in our lives.

On Chris’ side we have an annual National Aunts Day, to celebrate his two sisters because they love to spoil the grandkids (all year long!) On Melissa’s side we enjoy camping and making fools of ourselves at our annual Christmas Eve lip sync.

We also have fabulous friends. It’s nice having people so close with kids around the same age. We like to get together with our friends for play dates, dinner, and game nights. 

We live in a nice, safe, newly developed neighborhood with lots of young families and kids to interact with. Our neighborhood is in a smaller town which creates a nice community feel with great people, schools and parks. Although we are in a smaller town, we are 5 minutes to any store, 30 minutes to downtown Salt Lake, and 20 minutes to downtown Ogden. We are 10 minutes to the local hospital and 30 minutes to Primary Children’s Hospital, which is ranked in seven specialties in the U.S. News & World Report’s 2015-16 Best Children’s Hospitals rankings. We love our neighborhood and our friends. We are blessed with supportive family and friends and they are excited to welcome more to our family. 


You wouldn’t have a full picture of our family if you didn’t know that we are devoted Christians. We believe in Jesus Christ and try to show it in how we live. We are actively involved with our church activities. We see the importance of teaching Lincoln through reading scriptures, attending religious events, and praying. We also believe in the importance of loving and respecting others. In our home we teach Lincoln to love others by serving them. We try and show Lincoln by example and by serving our family and friends. Our faith is what has led and answered our prayers to begin this adoption journey.

One more thing

One night when we were talking about adopting, Chris turned to me and said, I would love to adopt a baby with Down Syndrome. Little did he know, I had those exact thoughts just hadn’t expressed them yet! We have both had experience in working with children with special needs, and specifically children with Down Syndrome and it is something that is close to our hearts.

Chris worked with school clubs that helped out with some special needs children. He has also volunteered with the Special Olympics.

Melissa grew up with a neighbor and close family friend, Kelli-Anne. Kelli-Anne lived with her grandparents, and her grandma and Melissa’s mom were close friends. Melissa would go help with Kelli-Anne and sit and play with her, go to movies, or stay the night to give her grandparents a break. Kelli-Anne quickly became part of the family. There are many fond memories at Special Olympics, summer movies, Disneyland, or summer BBQs. Kelli-Anne brings happiness wherever she goes and is pure love!

We know there are challenges that would be added, but we do have an interest in having a special needs child in our family if the opportunity came. We feel like adding your baby to our family would only add to the love and happiness that we feel in our home!

In a nutshell

We are committed to offering your child a life of unconditional love and constant nurturing. We feel that he/she would always know and feel your love and we will do everything we can to make sure of that. We want you to know your child would be surrounded by love and stability throughout their life. We feel strongly that adoption is the special way for our family to continue to grow and we can’t wait to love your child. We are excited to get to know more about you and the amazing person you are. We hope you’ll agree in some way to share in this journey with us!

To learn more about Chris and Melissa, please contact us at liesl@cssutah.org
or call/text 801-656-8527.