Oh Hey! We are Ryan and Aryel and we cannot wait to grow our family through adoption! Being parents has been the greatest adventure of our lives and we aren’t ready to be done anytime soon!

We love spending time together; finding yummy new restaurants, seeing a movie, or taking weekend shopping trips. We tend to be laid back and love to have a good time.

We started the process to adopt after trying to have a second child for 9 years. We lost our son James in June of 2015 due to pregnancy complications; we knew our path to growing our family was taking a different direction. We are so excited to have found ourselves adopting.

  We met in Missoula, MT our sophomore year of high school after being introduced by mutual friends and we hit it off instantly!  We started dating and bonded over our love of 2000’s hip-hop and spending time around the campfire. We welcomed our son Kaelen a year later. Being parents at a young age was challenging and scary but we were so fortunate to be surrounded by an amazing family who provided endless support through Kaelen’s 6-week stay in intensive care and early years.

We got married on April 23, 2011 and celebrated our 13th anniversary this year! We both know the key to a strong and successful relationship is communication and spending quality time together. We love date nights, even though we usually end up coming home early to share our treats with Kaelen. We love to attend concerts, basketball games, and shows together. When the weather warms up, we spend our Saturday mornings at the farmers market and when it’s cold we prefer coffee dates at target.

All about Ryan:

Ryan is outgoing, funny, and so compassionate. Aryel says his charm and sense of humor are what made her fall in love with him 13 years ago and what keeps her on her toes every day. He is thoughtful in everything he does, and he always knows what do to make you feel special.

He is a Lighting development Manager and his passion for his job is infectious. He works incredibly hard to provide for our family and takes pride in a job well done.

Ryan loves to be the fun dad but always insists on manners and respect for everyone. He loves to teach Kaelen how things are done and why we do them. He involves Kaelen in the household chores, so he knows how to do them on his own. He is always there to support Kaelen in whatever he does and makes sure to attend every practice, game, and performance he has. On weekends they are at the golf course, batting cages, or park shooting hoops.  Despite being almost taller than his did, Kaelen still loves to climb on the couch and cuddle with him at the end of a long day. Ryan is truly an amazing father and will shower your baby with all the love in the world!









All About Aryel:

Aryel is kind, hardworking, and incredibly resilient. Ryan says watching her overcome adversity in her life has been so inspiring. She is one that will show up every day and never gives up!

Aryel hobbies are baking, home decorating, and garage sales. We are always on the hunt for the next DIY project piece. Aryel likes to shop for bargains with her big sister (and best friend Mallory), work in the garden, or make plans for our next big (or small) event. Her biggest passion is for travel and she loves planning new adventures for our family.

Aryel is a typical mom who overdoes everything! She is always getting Kaelen involved in a fun activity but makes sure to stick around to cheer him on. Kaelen says she is a fun mom, but she cooks with beans way too much! He loves that every Wednesday she makes banana chocolate chip waffles for breakfast and when dad isn’t around, they go for “coffee” dates.





What we are all about:

We love to make memories together and are always finding new experiences to bring happiness and fun to our lives. We know life can be tough and it goes by way too fast, so we try to make all the good times count! We love camping, swimming, gardening, and walks around the neighborhood when the weather warms up. When it get’s cold we love nights at the movies, dinner dates, and board games.


We live close to most of our family and include them in everything we do. We have 7 nieces and nephews and they are like our own children. Aryel runs carpool in the mornings and Kaelen hangs out with his cousins after school and most weekends.  We believe it takes a village and spending time with the people we love is so important to us.  Family dinners, holiday parties, and just hanging out take up most of our free days and we love it!


What our family can offer your baby:

We can’t understand how difficult this choice will be for you but we can promise to give your child a home where they are loved unconditionally. We promise a life full of laughter, adventure, and passion. We won’t ever claim to be perfect and we will make mistakes along the way but we are committed to be a family you will be proud to have your child apart of.

We will never take for granted how lucky we are and how amazing the gift of a child will be. We will always consider you to be a part of our family and another person in your child’s life to support them! We hope to share an open adoption and feel that is in the best interest of you and your child. We can’t wait to get to know you and share even more about who we are!



To learn more about Ryan & Aryel contact CSS at admin@cssutah.org

or call/text 801-656-8527.