Do you like camping and hiking? Playing at the park with friends? Swimming? Taking adventures all over the country? Then look no more! We would love to have your child join our family as we adventure through life.


We want to thank you for taking the time to look at our profile. We are the Poe-Brown family. We live in a family home (it was owned by Ruby’s grandparents before us) in South Salt Lake. We have remodeled the home and yard and made it family friendly, with a lot of fun for kids! Our 5-year-old daughter Coralee loves the play area with a swing set, sand box, playhouse and plenty of green space.


About Coralee

Coralee started kindergarten this year at a charter school in Salt Lake City. She loves math and science! She’s excited to be learning to read. She’s a very adventurous child who loves being outdoors and camping. She also loves horses and cats. She helps take care of our house cats and with Ruby’s small business (more on that later.) We limit her screen time, but when she does get time, she loves watching Disney movies and the Netflix show Spirit. She loves play time with her friends and is very good at sharing and wants to make sure everyone is having fun. She has a very gentle and loving spirit. She is super excited to be a big sister! We’ve talked to her about adoption and she knows what it means and can’t wait for a brother or sister to play with.



About Ruby

Ruby is a stay-at-home mom and small business owner. Prior to becoming a mom, she worked as a paralegal in loss-mitigation to help homeowners in hardship save their houses and with the Chapter 13 bankruptcy trustee. Before Coralee was born, we decided Ruby would stay at home with Coralee and help guide her as she grows up. We feel very blessed that we were able to make that happen. Ruby has loved helping Coralee through all of the stages of life so far, from learning to walk, to learning to read. She’s loved being there for her.




To stay engaged while taking care of a toddler, Ruby got her Master Gardener certificate from USU and started a small business doing private gardening. When Ruby noticed some stray cats around our yard, she started learning about community cats. She has recently started a cat sitting business. We have three cats at home and have had a hard time finding a cat sitter that knows about cats. (Most are primarily dog focused.) When not busy with Coralee and the kittens, she loves music and concerts, hiking and gardening. Ruby was born and raised in Utah. She lived in Jackson, WY for several years and loved it there, before returning to Salt Lake.


About Michelle

Michelle is an executive producer at a local television station. She has been a journalist for over 20 years and covered news events ranging from catastrophic floods to 9/11 and now a global pandemic. She has also been a producer for a consumer unit, helping people fix problems. She is currently a manager overseeing several different groups focusing on education and investigating issues impacting Utahns. Michelle loves spending time with her family, reading, crafting and helping with cat care. Michelle grew up in eastern Kentucky, before her family moved to North Carolina when she was 14. She lived in eastern North Carolina where she went to high school and college before moving to Utah 14 years ago.

Michelle loves being a mom and spending time with Coralee. It’s a joy and privilege to watch her grow and learn new things. It’s always surprising and fun to help teach her about some of the basic things in life.


Philosophy on parenting

What would it be like for your child to grow up with us? Ruby and Michelle are in sync when it comes to parenting, values for our family and children and how to balance learning and fun. We had Coralee attend a small preschool at ages two and three, and a Spanish immersion school at 4. All of these were for only a few hours a day, a couple days a week. They have helped advance her love for learning and her social skills with other children, while still primarily being at home with her moms.


We try to be outside as much as possible. Coralee loves helping with gardening and playing outside. We limit screen time but are also teaching her technology and computer skills. We try to expose Cora to a lot of different activities, from sports to art, so she can figure out what she likes and is interested in. We have a core group of friends with children Coralee’s age and love getting together with them for playdates and game days.

We have faced many challenges in our lives that have allowed us to be better parents. Because we are a same sex couple we are already dealing with and know how to address many similar questions that will also come up with being adopted. We have already learned to advocate for our child with friends, family and the school system and will be a fierce advocate for your child as well.

Thank you for taking the time to look at our profile and consider our family. We are willing to answer any questions you may have.

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