We are Riley and McKenzie!

We have one son named Jaxon, and a wonderful dog named Dewey.

            We have been married for 5 years now, and we enjoy it more each day.  We first met on an online dating site, but coincidentally Kenzie’s grandparents knew Riley in real life.  They had nothing but good things to say about him, so Kenzie agreed to meet him for a date at Chili’s.  We spent the whole evening talking and laughing, and we both realized that this was no ordinary first date.  We instantly hit it off, and within 6 months we were engaged!


We have been through so much in our time together. We have experienced wonderful things, including both earning college degrees, traveling the world, and adopting our wonderful son Jaxon. We have also had our share of struggles, including unexplained infertility.


Jaxon joined our family when we adopted him in September 2017.  He brought new meaning to our lives, and we have since learned to focus more on living in the moment and making memories.  We live life one day at a time and find joy in the small things.


We are excited for this opportunity to adopt a second child into our family.  Family is the most important thing in the world to us.  Everything we do is aimed at creating family memories and strengthening family bonds.  We look forward to being able to grow our family to include another amazing son or daughter.



Meet Riley (by McKenzie)

Riley is my best friend and my adventure partner. There has not been a day since we met that he has not made me laugh. He sings a lot of silly songs in the car and he has perfected the “dad joke”! He is the most positive person I know and he always finds the rainbow in the middle of the storm. He is very kind and quick to give his time to anyone in need. He helps many in the neighborhood with roofs, fences, or sprinklers and he is the first to help if family is in need.


Riley has been very successful at school and graduated the top of his class with a full scholarship to the University of Utah. Riley is is one of the biggest U of U football fans I know and he and Jaxon love to watch the games together. When he isn’t watching football, he is usually working on a project around the house for me, fishing, or playing with Jaxon.


He is an amazing dad! Jaxon is a daddy’s boy and they have the funnest relationship. When Riley gets home from work, Jaxon and Dewey both run to the door because they know their play partner is home. Riley glows when he spends time with Jaxon and being a dad brings pure joy to Riley.


Riley is the middle child and has one older sister and one younger sister that both have children of their own and live close by. Riley’s family is very close, despite his parents moving to Texas a couple of years ago for work. We get together weekly to play and hang out with cousins.


Meet McKenzie (By Riley)

McKenzie is a genuinely great person to be around. She makes new friends easily and people enjoy talking and being with her. She makes me smile everyday and goes out of her way to treat other with kindness. She is quick to give big hugs and words of comfort when needed, and can always be found with a beautiful smile on her face.


Kenzie loves to stay active and try new things. She participates in a wide variety of hobbies like Polynesian dancing, painting, crafting, and more. She has a bit of a “green thumb” and uses it to brighten up our home and yard with a variety of flowers.  She loves to share her hobbies with her family and friends.


Kenzie has 1 younger brother, and she is very close with her family.  She talks with her mom on the phone at least once every single day.  She keeps up with the lives of those who are important with her, remembers important things about them, and makes sure they know she cares.


Kenzie is such a wonderful mother. She gives Jaxon so much love and attention every day. She has sacrificed her progress in her career to stay home with Jaxon in order to teach and help him develop. There is nothing she would not do if it would benefit our family and our children.  She is shining example of staying positive and strong through difficult or scary times and providing her family with support and guidance.


Meet Jaxon

Jaxon has been an incredible addition to our family! He is such a happy little boy who loves to goof around and make others laugh. Jaxon has been through quite a bit to get where he is now. He was born with some significant heart issues that have required a couple of open heart surgeries, but he has recovered better than anyone could have hoped for and is doing extremely well.  He was also born with abnormal ears which causes him to be almost deaf, although he can hear pretty well with a special hearing aid.


He is full of life and all the fun that a two year old little boy should. He loves to climb on everything, and we mean everything! He also loves to color and play with playdough with mom and dad. When it is warm outside, he loves to ride toy cars with his friends next door and play until the sun goes down. Despite his hardships, Jaxon is truly the happiest person we know.



Our Favorite Things

A family that plays together, stays together!  We love spending our free time looking for new adventures to try.  We love to explore the outdoors and are blessed to live in an area where the mountains are just minutes away from our house!  Some of our favorite outdoor activities include hiking to see waterfalls, or stand-up paddleboarding at the lake.


We love to travel to see new things.  We try to plan a trip each year to visit somewhere we have never been.  We look forward to taking our children with us to see the treasures out in the world!


We also know how to have fun without going to far from home.  We love to go to local farmer’s markets, or the visit a local city’s fireworks show during the summer.  We frequently visit the local pool to swim and relax.  We even enjoy doing a little yard work and gardening!  When its cold and snowy outside, we aim for more indoor attractions, like the local aquarium and children’s museum.

At the end of the day, we just like doing things as a family.  Hooking a puzzle with Jaxon, throwing the ball with Dewey, or even just sitting on the couch watching a movie are all fun things we do as a family.


We may not be the most experienced people on this earth, but we have been through enough to know that its important to live in the moment and appreciate the simple satisfactions that life sends your way.


We are so excited that adoption has become an option for us again, and cannot wait to grow our family. Adoption has a special place in our hearts, as our family wouldn’t even slightly exist if some wonderful women had not been willing to place their children into new homes.  McKenzie’s mother was adopted by her parents, McKenzie was adopted by her Father, and our son Jaxon was adopted into our family too.  Without adoption, our lives as we know it wouldn’t even exist.


We understand that the decision to place a child into a new home is an extremely emotional and difficult decision to make.  We admire your courage in doing what is best for your child.  Your decision will give us one of the greatest gifts imaginable – the gift of family.  Please know that we will give your child a home and life filled with love and happiness.  We promise to raise our children with all the love that we have.


We are excited to start this wonderful journey with you!

McKenzie, Riley, and Jaxon

To learn more about Riley & McKenzie contact CSS at richard@cssutah.org

or call/text 801-656-8527.