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We cannot begin to express how thankful we are that you are taking the time to read

through our profile. We can’t imagine the difficult position you are in and the decision you are having to make. Whatever option you choose for your baby will be respected by us. Thank you for educating yourself on the different options you have, and we know that you will make the best choice. We are excited to tell you about us and our family.

Thank you again for your time.

Our Story:

Good things can come from High-School Math class. Our relationship is the proof, because this is where we met! Phillip was born and raised in Germany. When he was in11thgrade he decided to come to the United States and experience the American culture! Little did he know that he would end up falling in love with a blonde American girl and move to the

U.S. permanently. Lauren was living in Lehi, Utah attending a charter school nearby for her 10th grade year. We had PE, Chemistry and Math together. Math was our favorite because we sat by each other and Phillip would ask Lauren to scratch his back during class. Lauren could not resist his cute German accent, so the

answer always was a “yes”. After just 3 weeks of hanging out and talking in between classes it was very clear to both, we were in love! Yes, at 15 and 16 years old we knew we were going to spend the rest of our lives together-the plan was made!

At the end of the school year, Phillip flew home back to Germany and told his family about Lauren and the plan. Of course, everyone who heard our plan thought we were just 2 silly teenagers, but we knew we would never be apart again. After 6 months of working and saving money, Phillip was back in the U.S. and ready to start college. Lauren graduated high school and moved into an apartment with her friends. Dating was a great time and we decided it was time for Lauren to meet Phillip’s family! We flew to Germany and spent Christmas and New Years with his family. They loved Lauren and got on board with the plan.

(First time in Germany together)

Within the next year we were engaged and then married on February 22nd, 2014. Shortly after we got our dogs Jack and Delta, Jack is a Lab Heeler mix and Delta is a Border Collie. They are the best of friends, love everyone and enjoy walks and playing fetch.

We have had 10 years full of laughter, adventure, maturing and learning and can’t wait to share all of that with our children. In 2016 we had a miscarriage and were diagnosed with infertility. This has led us here now, ready to start our family through adoption!


Our adoption Experiences:

Lauren: When I was 15 years old my older sister found herself pregnant and not knowing what to do. After about 7 months of pregnancy and not knowing if she could parent she eventually chose to place her baby for adoption with a loving couple. That experience was so touching and moving to me. To be heavily involved in my

sister’s adoption process, now has been one of the biggest blessings in my life, because now we are on the other end as adoptive parents. I remember going to birth mom group therapy with my sister, and the many nights of hearing my sister crying and wondering what to do. I have memories of looking at profiles with my sister once she eventually chose to place her baby boy, and I remember that bitter/sweet day when he was born and the love that everyone had for him.

Being there for my sister on placement day and throughout her journey has brought us close together and Parson, her boy will always be a part of our lives.

Phillip: I was adopted by my step mom. My parents got divorced when I was 2, and my dad remarried when I was 4. My step mom took me and my older sister in as her own, loved us and taught me to be the man that I am today. I know and understand the relationships of a birth mom and an adoptive mom and I love them both so much for the different roles they play in my life.

We hold these experiences dear in our hearts as they have helped us connect to adoption and made the decision easy that adoption is for us. We have unique perspectives because of our personal experiences. Both of us are excited to share those stories with our children and help them develop their journey. Open adoption is a complex situation but through our experiences we both understand the benefits that children experience when their journey is supported by all the people who love them.

A little more about us:

Both of us are goof balls, we get in water fights and tickle wars and jam out to music in the car. Going on hikes with our dogs and spending time outdoors are our go to activities. Traveling to different parts of the world is our favorite thing to do, we are adventurous and love experiencing different cultures, foods and backgrounds! Favorite trips so far have been

Costa Rica and Ireland. Since Phillip is from Germany we go there often to see his Family and make it a goal to travel to at least one other country while we are in Europe, we can’t wait to make those memories with our children. Salt Lake City has been our home for the last 4 years now, and we enjoy our family friendly neighborhood, diversity in the valley and the many events Salt Lake City has to offer. We have spent the last 4 years remodeling

our home, which has been super fun! Working on projects together around the house is always a blast and we are excited to teach our kids how to work hard and have fun while we do it! This summer we built a firepit in our back yard which made for a lot of fun

times with friends and we love to have our friends’ kids over to roast marshmallows. Phillip is a District Sales Manager and works from home most of the time and Lauren works as an Orthodontic Technician and enjoys assisting her Doctor at perfecting smiles! Lauren is excited for the chance to be a stay at home mom once we have a baby. Her dream has always been to be a stay at home mom and looks forward to when that day will come. We are a faith centered family and cherish our values.

About Lauren by Phillip:

Lauren is the kind of girl you would move to a different continent for- and that’s exactly

what I did! When I first met her, I knew that she is someone that I want in my life

forever. I absolutely love Lauren’s humor, she always makes me laugh with her jokes and is just fun to be around. She has compassion for others and is just a naturally loving person. Her life goals are very much aligned with mine and are centered around Family which I love. She has a ton of experience with kids and babies and I have always loved her excitement for being a stay at home mom. Music and art are some of her hobbies and she is very talented! She can draw really well, and I am excited for her to play the guitar around the camp fire with our family. I love Lauren so much and would do anything to be with her forever. For me home is wherever Lauren is, that just is the way I feel being with her.

About Phillip by Lauren:

If you’re ever having a bad day, Phillip is the person to go to. He will always turn a frown into a smile. He is the funniest person I know, and my cheeks are constantly hurting because he makes me laugh so hard. He is a hard worker, ambitious and dedicated to his family. He loves writing sticky notes to me, telling me how much he loves me and placing them around the house for me to see. He loves hiking and being outside! Phillip can fix anything! Whether it be a car issue or a leaking pipe in a bathroom! He is a handy man for sure and is always willing to help others and share his talents. He is going to be such a good dad! He is patient and gentle and has a heart full of love. He chose a career where it allows him to work from home often because he wants to be close to his family and I love that about him! He loves making everyone he meets laugh and feel loved and valued. Phillip is full of adventure and brings out the best in me. I am the luckiest girl in the world to have him be mine.

Thank you again for your time we hope you have enjoyed getting to know us, we would love to get to know you!


Phillip & Lauren

To learn more about Phillip and Lauren contact CSS at richard@cssutah.org

or call/text 801-656-8527.