Welcome to our adoption page. In May of 2015, our lives were changed forever with the adoption of a darling baby girl who we lovingly refer to as…our “Joy Bomb.” Sweet Sarah Kate blew up our worlds in the most incredible ways and we are forever grateful for the gift of adoption. For the last several years, we have known our little family was not complete and the unprecedented, unthinkable, and unpredictable events of 2020 (and now 2021) have helped to laser our focus on growing, supporting and expanding our family. We have felt the ground shift to make room for more love in our lives and we believe it is time for our family to expand, again. With that, we are jumping back into the adoption process with arms, hearts and eyes wide open. We are ready to expand our family and grow our love.

We hope to adopt because we love being parents and feel we have the ability to provide a safe and loving home to additional children. We want to adopt so our family can grow, so our hearts change, and so our circle of loved ones can expand. We hope to adopt so we can continue to learn how the world works, how love works, how siblings work, and how families work. We want to adopt so we can love on and learn from another child and provide a safe environment for growth and development. We hope to adopt so our daughter can experience the world with a wingman, a buddy, a forever champion and cheerleader and a built in best friend. We hope to adopt because we believe in love and family and we know that adoption can help create both.  

We believe in the power of the adoption process to create and sustain families, develop life long connections, and provide opportunities for healing and happiness. Adoption healed our hearts and soothed our souls after years of heartbreaking infertility.  We believe in and pray for the ongoing courage of our first brave Birth Mom. We are dedicated to maintaining an emotionally safe and supportive relationship with her, for her and Sarah Kate, and for all of us. Our first adoption helped us experience both incredible highs and a few humbling lows and everything in-between. We are open and interested in adopting a second child because we have lots of  love to give and we are interested in learning, stretching and growing again as a family. We believe that creating a family through the gift of adoptions is built squarely on love and is constantly surrounded by grief and gratitude and grace…and we want more of these in our lives. We believe in the power of the adoption process to successfully establish new environments and opportunities for learning and loving and growth for all connected and involved. We want to adopt again because we feel our family is ready to grow and we have lots of love to give. 

This space is dedicated to sharing a slice of our lives with you…so you can learn who we are and who we are not. We are certain that to love and be loved by another person is truly the most powerful and most rewarding adventure of all time. And so…why close a door or limit an opportunity to expand our family and increase our love? We are confident that our first adoption healed our hearts. We feel equally confident that should we be blessed with a second adoption, this child and this sacred soul stretching process will absolutely expand our hearts and our worlds in all of the right ways. So, why not us? And why not now? And quite possibly, why not with you?

We’d love for you to get to know and have shared some information below. In addition, we invite you to visit our website www.ouradoptionadventure.com to learn more about our little family and our desire to welcome a second child into our home.

Meet Sarah Kate

Sarah Kate is a bright, fun loving, adventurous, creative girl who loves to play, make new friends and try new things. She loves to watch shows on Netflix and YouTube almost as much as she loves reading books and making art. If given the chance she will always pick playing outside, dinosaurs over dishes, legos over chores, and wrestling with her Dad over homework. Always up for an adventure, our girl is endlessly curious about how things work, how things are made and how she fits into it all. Her strong mind is busy making connections as she makes sense of the world around her. She is tender and sensitive, creative and silly, confident and kind and loves nothing more than a cheeseburger with extra pickles and a good knock-knock joke. Sarah Kate was born to be a big sister and can’t wait to welcome a baby into our family.

Meet Liz 

Liz grew up as the only girl in a family of five brothers and is the second to the youngest. Growing up she preferred to play with her brothers and the neighborhood boy gang and volunteered the use of her dolls and barbies as giant alien invaders to the combined G I Joe and Star Wars action figure army. Both of Liz’s parents have passed and her siblings gather and connect several times throughout each year. Flocked with nieces and nephews Liz’s connections to the next generation of her clan run deep. In school, she found success and friendship in the performing arts but always preferred to be creating and supporting behind the stage far more than being on it.

In college, she explored lots of majors and eventually graduated with a degree in Human Development and Sociology from the University of Utah. Her twenties were full of dear friends, kindred roommate connections, treasured travel and lots of personal growth and learning. After a few years climbing the corporate ladder, she realized the power of a life pivot while volunteering at a nearby middle school musical theater program. Through this project she discovered her true calling was working with children and youth in creative educational spaces.  Little did she know that this brief community service project would result in what has become a successful and fulfilling twenty year career creating, designing and managing after school and summer programs for youth living in Dallas, Texas and Salt Lake City, Utah.

Finding Burke and falling in love only brought more joy and fulfillment to her world. Shortly after their wedding she returned to school to complete a Masters of Arts in Teaching degree from Westminster College and continues to contribute to the community through arts and non-traditional education. Liz is happiest when with her family and friends and loves nothing more than being Burke’s wife and Sarah Kate’s Mom. She loves to create, write in her journal, sing show tunes in solitude of her car, travel anytime anywhere, explore the great outdoors, cook and bake yummy foods, tend to her flower and vegetable gardens, doodle during meetings, shop for school supplies, laugh until crying with good friends and family, read interesting books, teach kids of all ages and mostly learn how to be better,  how to do better and how to love better.

Meet Burke 

Burke is the second oldest child in a family of five children who love to gather monthly over plates and platters of yummy delicious food. Burke’s parents are good to the core people who have worked their entire lives inside the family business located on the north rim of the Grand Canyon. In addition to his parents and siblings, Burke grew up tromping through the Kaibab forest surrounded by a small army of first cousins who feel more like siblings. Lots of close connections with Aunts and Uncles on both sides and a large collection of lifelong family friends helped to shape this gentle giant.

As a veracious lifelong reader, Burke’s super computer brain is constantly processing, retaining and organizing information and knowledge in incredible ways and at rapid speed. His natural curiosity and quick ability to make connections helps to make him a very interesting person. Working inside the family business, Burke’s love for food and cooking continues to bring joy and nourishment to all within his path. He is happiest when in the kitchen and can make a mean meal with the simplest ingredients available.  In his early twenties, Burke served a church service mission in Mendoza, Argentina and fell in love with the people, food and language of this South American country. 

While naturally more quiet than not…his sense of humor and ability to make people laugh is legendary. Some of his happiest years were spent on the stage performing with his friends as part of a successful sketch comedy troupe. Burke has a Spanish degree and an MBA from University of Utah, has worked in a variety of positions and has finally found his professional sweet spot as a Project Manager within the IT world. Burke’s love for computers and technology is only rivaled by his love for travel and road trips. Burke finds the most joy hanging out at home with Liz and Sarah Kate.

Our Home

We love love love living in Salt Lake City and will forever consider this weird little pioneer town our home. We love living in the shadow of the everlasting hills and find comfort in the protection of the breathtaking Wasatch mountains. We love the restaurants and bakeries. We love the shops and museums and libraries and parks. We love the year-round community events, farmers markets, festivals and neighborhood gatherings. We love the unique feel and temperament of each individual neighborhood. We love the ever changing downtown. We love living in Salt Lake City. 

A few months before Sarah Kate was born we searched the valley for the right home in the right neighborhood with the right feel for the home we hoped to create. We wanted to live in or near Salt Lake City. Burke wanted a new construction. Liz had forever longed for a cozy bungalow and both strategically wanted a diverse neighborhood full of  real genuine honest people. We were delighted to find all our needs met in a new construction on a private little lane not far from downtown Salt Lake City.  Picking colors, finishes and paint helped us create the home that we love. We love that every time we visit our neighborhood park we see kids from all over the world laughing and playing and speaking multiple languages. We’ve loved making this house our home over the last few years and with each passing season add a few new trees and flowers and additions to really make it ours.

Our home is often the meeting place for family events and neighborhood gatherings and we would not have it any other way. During the spring, summer and fall our family lives outside under the enchanting glow of our backyard twinkle lights. BBQs and outdoor dinners, outdoor movies and ping pong patio parties and lazy weekend mornings and afternoons are spent enjoying our backyard space. 

Our goal is to create an environment where love, laughter, really good food and equally good conversation abound. We desire to create a warm place where people can be seen and heard and recognized. A space for curiosity and questioning and honesty and courage; where people practice loving like Jesus taught. A welcoming roof that  provides protection and support and safety. A garden space where both children and flowers can root deeply and grow strong.

Our People

We are big believers in the broad definition of family.  For us family is both blood and choice and these people…our people…are our nearest and dearest life treasures. Loving parents. Stalwart siblings. Crazy cousins. Kind aunties and brave uncles. High School pals and college roommates. Co-workers and colleagues. Neighbors and friends. We love them all. We need them all. And we celebrate them all on the regular.

Sarah Kate’s besties and first and favorite playmates are her cousins on both sides of the family tree. Weekly playdate, late overs and the occasional sleepovers help to strengthen these tender bonds. Joining with cousins SK loves to attend dance lessons, gymnastic class, play dress up and hair salon, and race scooters and bikes all over the valley. A highlight for this feisty cousin clan is to meet up and Burke’s parents home for way too many cookies, endless hours swimming in the neighborhood pool and lots and lots of laughs and giggles in the downstairs playroom. 

Our friend groups span a large collection of the best humans on the planet. Many of whom we see and connect with frequently and a whole bunch of them we never get to see enough. Our friends come in every shape, color and size and include every possible combination of family arrangement. SK calls most of these kindrens “aunt” or “uncle” no matter our blood connection. 

Our neighborhood includes a diverse cross section of our community. We walk to the library and visit two local parks on a weekly basis and enjoy making new friends with those who live close. Our local faith congregation is a unique collection of the very best people who freely love and accept others without condition, term or contract.  Our home is located on a private lane tucked off the street and contains three modest homes. Two darling little boys, just a year younger than Sarah Kate, also live on our secluded street and two more little playmates live in a home that shares our neighboring fence. This small pack of scooter riding, ball chasing, bubble blowing children spend endless hours together racing up and down our private street and weaving in and out of each others playrooms, front yards and backyard sandboxes.  

We absolutely believe that the people in our tribe are critical to the success and overall health of our family unit. We need them. We love them. And we are confident that this loving group is ready, eager and prepared to expand our circle and welcome a new child into our mix. 

Our Hope for You and Us 

No matter what comes for both you and for us…we are grateful for your time, for your courage, for your personal strength. We are grateful for your willingness to engage in the never ending, never simple but always worth it adventure known as…adoption. We send you love and light and endless amounts of respect for the brave choice and decisions that you are making. May The Great Creator and all of the goodness that this life can offer…hold you closely with care, and confidence and comfort as you move forward.

Thank you for your time and consideration! 

Onward and Forever Upward!

Burke, Liz and Sarah Kate 

To learn more about Liz and Burke, contact CSS at richard@cssutah.org

or call/text 801-656-8527.