Jeremiah and Kristen


We are Jeremiah and Kristen Alt. We are excited to share a little about our family with you. We have experienced the immense love and positive examples of families grown by adoption, including our own. The birth of our son and the adoption of our daughter have been the most important events of our lives.

When we were newly married we decided that, someday, we would like to adopt. We believed that adoption was a beautiful way to build a family and an example of the power of love. A few years later, we discovered that we were expecting our son, Elijah, who was born in 2002. We were thrilled to be parents! When we decided that it was the right time to add to our family, our discussions kept taking us back to the beginning of our marriage when we hoped to someday adopt. In 2011, we were honored to adopt our beautiful daughter, Anaya! We have learned so much through the privilege of parenting her. We feel strongly that adoption is the special way our family will continue to grow and we can’t wait to love another child.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know our family. We honor the decision you will make for your child, whatever it is. We hope that your future is filled with encouragement and peace!

About Kristen

Kristen is a caring and loving mom. She loves to laugh with her kids and watch their personalities develop. She volunteers at the kids schools and spends much of her time supporting their learning and interests. Her greatest desire is to help her children feel loved and secure.

Kristen taught elementary school for 12 years before deciding to stay home to spend more time with her kids. Most of her teaching years were spent working with some of the most struggling students. Kristen was passionate about educating her students and helping them feel important and valued every day. Kristen loves cooking healthy meals, hiking, biking, camping, skiing, and spending time with family.

About Jeremiah

Jeremiah is a patient and loving husband and father. He is very affectionate with Elijah and Anaya and loves to spend time doing activities with them. He is always supportive of their interests and is very involved in providing opportunities for them to do new things and learn new skills. He is excited to add another child to our family!

Jeremiah is a physician. He practices Ear, Nose and Throat surgery at a university hospital. He has a PhD in neuroscience in addition to his MD degree. He has always been a very driven person who sets goals and works hard to accomplish them. Outside of work he enjoys spending time as a family camping, biking, rock climbing, hiking and skiing.

About Elijah

Elijah is a caring, adventurous and fun kid! He is a great student and a very hard worker. He is a member of Boy Scouts and also loves tennis, football, rock climbing, playing the guitar and drawing.

He enjoys spending time with friends and playing video games. Elijah is a very caring and protective older brother. He is so patient with Anaya and loves playing with her. Elijah is excited to have another sibling!

About Anaya

Anaya is a happy and vivacious toddler! She is loving and very sweet. She goes to preschool a couple morning s a week and adores her teachers. She also loves gymnastics, skiing, music and playing with her big brother.

We have wonderful friends who have helped us learn to care for Anaya’s hair. We love styling Anaya’s hair in puffs, twists, braids and beads. She likes having fancy hair!

Anaya is excited to be a big sister someday!

As a family, we value:

  • Faith: We share a deep faith in God and believe that it is the foundation of our family. We will share our faith with our children and pray that it gives them the peace and strength we have experienced.
  • Education: We believe that education provides children the opportunity to develop their own interests and skills, while developing character and the opportunity for prosperity and generosity as adults. We highly value education and will provide every opportunity for our children to learn, experience and grow.
  • Respect for People: Above all, we want our children to grow to be caring, compassionate individuals who respect other people and their differences. We value loving and serving others and appreciating the uniqueness of every individual.

Our Neighborhood

We live in a lovely, safe neighborhood with tons of young families and kids. Our neighborhood schools are fantastic with a great deal of parent and family involvement. We have a large park two blocks from our home. We are located up on a hill with amazing mountain and city views.

We live a few minutes away from the university where we like to attend sporting events. We also live close to the zoo and have a yearly membership.

Friends and Family

We have wonderful friends and family who are fully supportive of our desire to adopt another child. They fell in love with Anaya immediately and are excited to help welcome another child into our family!