We are the Meacham family! Jake and Susan and our children, Savannah, Milo, Scarlett, Norah and Simon. We are a big, happy, laid back family that enjoys spending time together more than anything else in the world. Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know us.

Our Story

Jake grew up in Southern California until he was 12 years old. His parents moved his family to Cache Valley, where he ended up in the same schools with Susan, who was growing up there on a big farm on the outskirts of town. They didn’t officially meet until they had a class together in high school. Jake was very persistent and eventually talked Susan into going out with him. They became inseparable right away and spent the next three years as High School Sweethearts and best friends. Shortly after high school ended, they both knew with certainty that they wanted to continue on into adult life together and they became engaged and were married in June of 2005. They didn’t waste much time adding to their new family. They both came from families with 5 kids and knew that they wanted to have a houseful of kids themselves. Within the next 8.5 years, as they juggled school and jobs, they added their own 5 children to their home. This happened much quicker than expected or planned, but each and every new family member brought so much happiness to their home. They have dedicated their lives to their family, and nothing makes them happier than spending time together.

About Us

About Jake, by Susan:

Jake is my best friend. He is so funny, which is what won me over right away. He has a ridiculous sense of humor and can always make me break down with laughter, no matter what. He has a very easy-going personality and gets along well with everyone he meets. He is friendly, kind and very outgoing. Jake always has a friend wherever he is, because he makes them wherever he goes. He knows how to make people smile and feel happy, especially if they aren’t having a good day. He is very good at being a “fixer” and will go out of his way to do whatever he can to help you. He is my rock and my safe place. He is always there to help or give advice or just give a big hug when I need it. I know I’m not the only one that feels this way, anyone who knows him can rely on him for anything.

I have never met a kid that didn’t think he was the greatest thing ever. He is naturally so great with children and has enough patience to keep them entertained and laughing for hours and hours in whatever wild game he comes up with. He is such an amazing father to our children. Watching your husband become a dad is one of the best parts about having kids. He has always been a natural and has a strong relationship with each of our children. He is their protector, guidance counselor, homework helper, adventure leader, soccer coach, swimming teacher, hiking pack mule, personal chef, skateboard buddy, and he has even been known to be their make-over model.

He works so hard, providing for our family as the Senior Operations Manager of a home medical equipment company.  He enjoys his job and is great at it. His employees love him, and they enjoy spending time together outside of work as well. He has many hobbies such as wood working, guitar building, painting, photography, sports, cooking and music, and he is annoyingly great at everything new he tries.  But he’s happy to share his talents. Any project that I need done, he can tackle it. He’s an all-around handy man that can fix or build anything I ask for.

About Susan, by Jake:

I have known Susan since we were kids just starting High School.  In a sense, we grew up together.  We have been inseparable since we first met.  Susan has always impressed me with her ability to be real.  It seems like so many people are trying to be someone they are not, and Susan is 100% real. She doesn’t try to be anyone but herself.  She is funny, smart, caring and fiercely loyal to her family and friends.  She is the person who is taking care of people without anyone else knowing.  She, more often than not, helps those in need without them ever knowing who it was.

Susan and I still joke about what we want to be when we grow up. She loves her job as the Coordinator of the Phlebotomy Department at a local hospital. Our goals have changed as life has changed, but one thing that has never changed is Susan’s desire to be a mom.  Susan was born to be a mother.  With 5 kids, she manages all the details from homework to activities and bumps and bruises.  She manages to make time for all the kids even with her busy schedule and I usually find her snuggled up with one or more reading a book at the end of the day or talking about their day.   She thrives at motherhood and there is no comparison.

Susan is fun and funny.  Her sense of humor has gotten us through many tough times. She is subtle and clever. She enjoys playing all kinds of games with the kids and can still kick my butt on the Nintendo.

About our kids:

Savannah is 13 and great at it! She loves school and spending time with her friends. She is a very talented artist, creating beautiful drawings and pictures that she shares on her YouTube channel. Her art has been featured many times in different art shows and art is her favorite subject in school. She is the “second mom” around our house. She loves helping with the younger kids and takes such great care of them. We really don’t know what we would do without her.

Milo is 11. He is smart and witty and loves to play video games. You can find him playing Xbox with his friends, skateboarding around the neighborhood or practicing his forms to earn his next Kyuki-Do belt. He does so well in school that he has participated in SEM for the past two years, allowing him to work on harder, more advanced subjects along with his regular schoolwork.

Scarlett is 8 and is our firecracker! She is full of personality and is ready to share it with anyone who will listen. She is smart and strong and outgoing. Scarlett suffers from a very rare and very severe bleeding disorder called Type 3 von Willebrand disease. Her body doesn’t produce one of the necessary clotting factors needed to stop bleeding. This has resulted in some very serious and scary moments in life as well as altered how she handles day to day activities. She has been strong and resilient through all of her trials and you would never know she had anything holding her back.

Norah is 7. She is quiet and super shy when you first meet her, but when she finally opens up you’ll see that she is the sweetest little goofball inside. Scarlett is just 16 months older than Norah and they are best buds, always playing together around the house. Despite being so shy, she has many friends and loves to socialize. She loves to ride her bike, jump on the trampoline, play dress up and draw pictures.

Simon is 5 and is the most snuggly little guy you’ll ever meet. He has a soft spot for old ladies and will make friends with them anywhere he goes. He’s loving and affectionate, but also loves to wrestle with his brother and dad. He enjoys spending time with his siblings, and his friends at school.

Together as a family, we enjoy spending time outdoors. We love to take our old camper into the mountains or to Bear Lake and camp. We make a trip every summer at least once or twice with our extended families and pile all together in the camper. That’s where our very best memories are made. During the Spring, Summer and Fall we spend nearly every weekend hiking in the canyon above our home. We all love the beauty and the fresh air, but the younger ones definitely enjoy their fanny packs full of snacks most of all. In the winter, we love to meet up with family and go sledding in the cold snow. We always love a good movie night in our movie room with popcorn, snacks and blanket forts.

Why do we want to adopt?

We had talked about Foster Care and Adoption from the very beginning of our relationship, even before we were married. We knew of some families that had done it and we both agreed it was something we would love to do one day down the road. Our family grew quickly, and the idea was put on a back-burner for a while. Several years later, we were given the opportunity to pursue the adoption of a sweet little girl. This was an idea we hadn’t thought of in quite a while, but as we discussed it, we both felt an incredibly strong desire to pursue it. The timing finally felt right, and we knew we had the room in our family and most importantly in our hearts for another child. We quickly began the process to become Foster Care and Adoption approved. The story is a long one, but in the end, the sweet little girl was placed with another adoptive family that lives closer to her hometown and social connections, as we lived several states away. This was better for her situation, and we are very happy things worked out so well for her. At the same time, our family still feels that we have a happy home to offer a child that may need it. We feel like this opportunity was presented to us for a reason, and our whole family has a strong desire to open our home and our hearts to another child.  We feel that we can offer a stable environment with two loving, devoted parents whose main focus in life is their children. We can offer brothers and sisters to play with, learn from and to grow up with as the closest of friends. We can offer memories, laughter, happiness and most of all love. Thank you for taking the time to consider us.


To learn more about Jake and Susan contact CSS at richard@cssutah.org

or call/text 801-656-8527.