Hi, and thank you so much for looking at our profile! We know there are a lot of profiles for you to review, so we sincerely appreciate you pausing to consider us. We have been married for over twelve years and have a two-year-old daughter through adoption who has made our great life even better. Now we are excited to welcome a second child into our little clan. Here is what you need to know about us:

HOW WE BECAME US (as told by Jacob):

Two close friends and I decided to go out for a late lunch one afternoon and ended up in a restaurant that Gretta was managing.  We were the only people there and before Gretta had time to take a break for her own lunch, she had been invited to join us. Next thing she knew, we were on our first date.

While things started with a pretty typical first date (dinner and games afterward), the relationship quickly got interesting as we realized our mutual love for killer tunes and for teasing each other incessantly. Gretta even got a chance to show off her skills at fixing things (she has fixed most everything in our house) when she repaired a radiator hose in my driveway while wearing super attractive white jeans. Was there nothing this woman couldn’t do?

Months later, I took Gretta on a dinner picnic in the mountains to celebrate her birthday. One of the gifts was a model BMW (she was a freak for Beamers at the time) that had a trunk I had sneakily stowed a ring in (one that I picked out totally on my own by the way)! Before Gretta could recover from the shock, I was kneeling in the ice asking her to marry me – and the rest is history.

Fast forward over nine years and we were a happily married couple enjoying all the great things life has to offer while also dealing with a void in our lives resulting from infertility. All of that changed on in May of 2013 when a wonderful young couple welcomed sweet Elianna into the world and gave us the greatest gift imaginable – a child. Her beautiful blue eyes, adorable cheeks, and magnetic smile have been stealing the show at our house ever since.


Oh man, I could write a book about what a great man Jacob is. Here are some of the key points for now.

I feel I cannot even scratch the surface in letting you know how amazing Jacob is as a father, but here is a little list to give you an idea: He takes Elianna on walks, he is SO patient with her, he tells her he loves her all the time, he literally makes our little girl shake and giggle with excitement just by walking in the room, he requests time with just her, he can magically help her fall asleep when everything I know how to do has failed, he sings lullabies to her and makes up his own songs professing his love to her. I really could go on and on. He IS amazing!

Jacob is a free and fun spirit, and kids gravitate to him. With our own little Elianna he dances with her, throws her in the air, tickles her, and gets down on the floor to play with her. With our nieces, nephews and other children, he is always the first one to volunteer to play basketball with the little boys, and tea party with the little girls. Children are naturally intuitive and they know Jacob will have a good time with them and that he cares for them.

Jacob has a HUGE heart and deeply cares for everyone around him; but most of all, he is an AMAZING husband and has exceeded my expectations in EVERY way. Jacob does not see any part of our married life as only his or only my responsibility. This includes parenthood. He is happy to help with anything, from household chores, to helping with Elianna, to painting my toenails (if I ask him J). He makes every part of my life good and has a way of even making my imperfections and faults feel minimal and positive. Jacob has made, and continues to make, me a better person and I SO love him.

I don’t know a single person who does not like Jacob. People love him, trust him and come to him for advice. They know he cares, and he tries to understand everyone’s perspective. Jacob is the most accepting, non-judgmental person I have ever met. I think this really plays into why people love and trust him so much. Our family and friends often come to him for advice on anything from finances, to emotional feelings. He always knows what to say to people, and how to give them sound advice for anything.

Jacob is incredibly intelligent. My sisters and I often tell him he is a human calculator because he can calculate difficult numbers in an impressive amount of time. Numbers come naturally and easily to him. Jacob also loves words and likes to joke about funny ways to spell simple words or names. I have had coworkers ask me to call Jacob to find a word or spelling of a word they could not think of or remember. I love that he really is a triple threat kind of guy. He can do it all, and he does it well.


To know Gretta, you have to know what she is passionate about and the top four are very easy to list (in order of importance to her): 1) Family, 2) Music, 3) Dance, and 4) Organization. It is widely known that the quickest way to Gretta’s heart is through her sweet little daughter or through her eleven nephews and nieces. If you are looking for Gretta, just follow the sound of kids because she will most assuredly be there enjoying time with them. You should also know that, although the little ones get more ooh’s and aah’s from her, she loves the rest of her family with the same zeal…even me!

Also, I should tell you that Gretta’s whole life has been preparing her to be a “sweet-action” mother. Watching her mothering skills is now my favorite hobby! The number of times I’ve thought, “I’m glad she knew to do this.” – or “Good thing she can teach me about that.” are far too numerous to count. She puts Elianna first in her day every day, without fail and does so much more than just occupy our daughter. Whether emphasizing words, reading stories, or explaining what she is doing, a life lesson is always being taught and you can tell Elianna is soaking up as much as possible. Not only that, but she is a mom that loves to have fun. On days that I work from home I can hear mother and daughter laughing and squealing as they play peekaboo or enjoy a meal together.

Music and dance represent the quickest ways to inspire Gretta. When a beautiful song pops up on iTunes or her iPod, she will do one of two things… melt into a cute little heap on the floor (mesmerized into a coma by the tune) or tell me that she could choreograph a dance to that song and begin describing it to me. The funniest part is the variation in what she loves since the song that “melts” her could be Rainbow by Elisa, or My December by Linkin Park, or even something else.

Finally, a quick tour of our house would give you a pretty compelling view into how much she loves organization. There are systems, processes, and codes for everything and I love all of them. I never knew how convenient life could be until I lived in a house where the cloths for cleaning the bathroom are one color and the ones for the kitchen are another. Recently, I was searching for a document about one of our cars and I was wandering around contemplating the impossibility of finding such a document. When Gretta heard what I was looking for, she simply asked, “Did you look in the TSX file?” Lo and behold… there it was.


Our hearts grow two sizes too big every day as we watch our little girl learn, laugh, and explore. Elianna is such a wonderful, sweet, and intelligent girl. People often comment about what a good-natured girl she is. Here are some of the things that we love most!!

First, Elianna is naturally so loving, caring, and compassionate. If she is within earshot of a crying infant or toddler she feels the need to offer sympathy and does so by crinkling up her adorable little nose and letting out a concerned, oooooohhhhh, baby’s crying!  If you’ve got a cut, scrape, or injury then our little girl won’t let as much as a minute pass without applying generous kisses and asking if she can provide band aids or hugs to boot. While comical in many ways (like when she asks “Are you frustrated mommy/daddy when we’re worried or concerned about something) those emotions come from her in the most genuine, inspiring way and help those of us around her aspire to greater kindness as well.

Second, our daughter has an insatiable thirst for learning! We can’t even count the number of times Elianna does or says something completely new and mature well beyond her years, which results in her parents looking at each other and asking (in unison) “Did you teach her that?” Whether it’s numbers, counting, letters, the alphabet, song lyrics, or cleaning tactics, Elianna has a passion for understanding what it’s all about. In fact, these days, one might argue that Elianna’s favorite word is “why”as she seeks understanding about everything she interacts with.

Elianna is also someone who absolutely loves to play games or activities of any variety. We think she has great prospects for “going pro” in a wide variety of games and sports like – driveway chalk art, popping water balloons, blowing bubbles, playing her own version of board games, tickling, playing princesses, jumping into leaf piles, bike rides, and more. Nothing can make her Mom or Dad smile more than when she walks up with a sneaky little grin and asks, “Will you tickle me?” From there the game is on and her sweet laughter will echo through the house.

Last, but certainly not least, she is a dedicated member of our extended families and will make a wonderful big sister. She makes a habit of reviewing all the pictures on our bookcases to recite all the names of her grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. When we are together with family, her desire for sincere friendship with cousins yields incredible fun. Currently, Elianna is preparing for sisterhood by taking very good care of baby dolls and stuffed animals, whom she lovingly supports while they all work their way through potty training, meal time, reading, etc. In addition, if Mom or Dad attempt to move toys or furniture meant for infants into storage we are immediately (and sternly) reminded, “Mom/Dad, that is for my little Sister/Brother.”


Gretta: Parenting, organization, interior design/decorating, dance, running and spending time with family

Jacob: Family walks, cycling, golf, frisbee golf, skiing, hiking, laughing, and socializing

Elianna: Chalk art, Play-Doh, blowing bubbles, coloring, laughing, playing with cousins and friends, helping with household chores, and reading her favorite books (Sophie, Pete the Cat, Little Einstein, and more).

Together: Window shopping for our house and clothes, going on road trips to new places, listening to music (old favorites and exciting new stuff), game playing, watching our favorite shows like the Big Bang Theory, and eating out at fun, un-discovered restaurants.

Again, we can’t thank you enough for considering us and hope this letter has given you a glimpse into who we are and what we love. We are anxious to meet and get to know you, and look forward to creating a plan for communicating post placement as well. Following an adoption, we are committed to updating you frequently and are also open to in-person meetings in the right situation.

Once again, thanks,

Jacob, Gretta, and Elianna

To learn more about Jacob and Gretta, please contact us at liesl@cssutah.org
or call/text 801-656-8527.