We are Dave, Doug, and Damien; “the Triple D’s,” and we are so honored that you are taking the time to step into our world and learn about our family. As a couple, we have been together since 2011. We met up in a coffee shop to get to know each other and ended up laughing and talking until the coffee shop closed for the night. On that night, we knew that this would be something magical.

Early on, we enjoyed teasing and pranking each other. Our love developed and deepened over many long nights playing classic board games which can get pretty competitive. We have fun cooking, baking, and trying new foods together.

After dating for 2 years, we got engaged and were married. We were both looking forward to becoming parents and soon became the first gay married couple to begin the journey to become foster parents.

One year into our marriage, we received a call to foster a baby boy (Damien); to love and care for as our own, knowing that he would be reunited with his birth family at any moment.

While fostering Damien, we were able to get to know his birth mom and dad while supporting them through some deep challenges. After a year and a half of fostering Damien, it was decided that he needed a forever home and we were then able to adopt him into our family.

We appreciate staying in contact with Damien’s birth mom and dad so that we can continue to support the connection between our families.


With our new addition to our family, we were excited to take Damien on many exciting adventures. We have loved travelling, going to the beach, swimming, and discovering new places.

When we are home, we relish in building homemade forts out of sofa cushions, wrapping Damien up in blankets like a burrito and flying him around the house. Damien has followed his dads’ traditions of pranking and teasing by jumping out from around the corners and giving us a big scare!  We savor our time relaxing and playing in our back yard that we share with our 2 cats; Sweetpea and Coco, and our 6 chickens.

Now that Damien is older, we are thrilled to expand our family to include another sweet child that we can love and cherish.


Now our individual stories …


Dave is from Albuquerque, New Mexico and had an opportunity to transfer to a job in Utah in 2006. He loves cooking, baking and finds his groove crafting Christmas goodies that he sends to every family member during the holidays. He also has a passion for gardening, exercising, painting, organizing, putting together puzzles, and Mixed-Martial Arts fight nights.

During the day, you can find Dave solving complex finance problems at work and finds a lot of satisfaction collaborating with his team and strengthening strong relationships with clients.

Damien loves learning from his Dada (Dave). When together, Damien and Dada can be found reading, learning shapes and numbers, singing ABCs, and exploring the backyard for critters and bugs.


Doug, growing up in Pocatello, Idaho, spent his childhood in theater perfecting the art of performance and doing magic shows. He enjoys running in relay races, going to yoga, wood working, and being an incredible host for family and friends who visit. You can rely on Doug having a fancy spread of snacks and beverages when you stop by.

For work, Doug develops world class leaders for corporate organizations as the owner of his own business.  He illustrates his concepts through lessons that incorporate his passion for magic.

Damien enjoys the fun imagination adventures he goes on with his Papa (Doug).  You will find Doug chasing Damien around the house pretending to be a dinosaur, wrestling on the trampoline, or going on walks to the park.


Damien brings such life into our home! He loves to be active going to the playground, jumping on the trampoline, running around outside looking for bugs; especially excited when he finds grasshoppers and lady bugs. He likes being helpful by collecting fresh chicken eggs daily.

Damien LOVES swimming, teasing, laughing, and really digs dancing to music. DANCE PARTY!

We were excited to watch Damien courageously begin Pre-K this year at a private school for kids on the autistic spectrum. He gets excited every time he gets on the school bus and even talks the bus driver into letting him honk the horn.



As a family, we travel to the beach once a year to swim in the ocean and build sand castles. Once a year, we have a great time roasting New Mexico green chiles in our back yard. These delicious green chiles find their way into most things that we eat; cheese burgers, breakfast burritos, pizza, enchiladas, and so much more!


At Christmas time, we fill the house with cookies and treats. On Christmas Eve, we eat homemade tamales and pozole while we wait until midnight to open gifts. Christmas morning, we fill our bellies with delicious savory and sweet French crêpes.

Thank you for reviewing our profile and giving us the opportunity to share with you more about ourselves.  We would love the chance to meet with you.

Love and Respect,

Doug, Dave, and Damien

To learn more about Dave & Doug contact CSS at richard@cssutah.org

or call/text 801-656-8527.