Daniel, Ashley, and Panda


Meet Daniel

I work in IT for Lifetime Products. I grew up in South Ogden, Utah. I have three older sisters and one younger brother. We get together once a month with all of them to celebrate birthdays and other holidays. We all live close together and enjoy spending time together. I went to Weber State University and graduated in 2006. I met Ashley about the time we graduated. She was finishing her degree at the same time. I enjoy cooking with my son and relaxing by playing computer games. My three favorite things are my wife, my son, and my puppies. I am excited to add a daughter to our family.

Meet Ashley

I am a full time stay at home mom and a part time crafter/quilter/artsy type. I also grew up in South Ogden, Utah. I am the oldest for four, with two younger brothers and a little sister. She is my best friend. I went to the University of Utah and graduated in History in 2006. I worked in museums and archives until we adopted Panda in January 2015. Becoming a stay at home mom has been the best thing to ever happen to me! I am so blessed to spend my days with a little guy who opens my eyes to the world and is so curious and clever.

Meet Panda  (Don’t worry, that’s not his real name. We just protect his name on the internet.)

Panda is 3 years old and loves everything a 3 year old boy should! He loves trucks and cars and running. He is going to be a runner when he grows up, we are sure of it. He loves Pandas so very much. We got that nickname after we visited the Panda center in Chungdu, China while living there from April 2011-November 2012. We all love Pandas. Soon after we adopted him, we decided it was wise to protect him on the internet and allow him some privacy until he is old enough to decide for himself. So Panda he is. He has so much personality. I can’t wait for you to meet him.

Our family

With Ashley’s family last summer

We have three dogs: Lacy, an 11 yr old lab mutt who is a sweetheart who is either begging for food or sleeping in the corner. Winston, a 10 yr old Cairn Terrier who protects us all from everything but thunderstorms, when the roles are reversed and he is the one who wants protecting. Maggie is our youngest. She is a 1 year old Lab/Setter mix with more energy that both of the other dogs combined! Panda loves the dogs and the dogs love Panda. But it all makes out house a rather busy house!

We are active Mormons who love and live our faith. We feel it gives us a foundation for a happy life and an added measure of peace in this chaotic world. We believe family comes first and spend lots of time together with our little family and with our siblings and parents.

What we do:

We like to have adventures, whether little or big. Little adventures include going to Home Depot for supplies, seeing movies at the local dollar theater, and family movie nights in when we make popcorn and watch our favorites. Our big adventures include trips to Yellowstone, Ashley’s family’s condo at Bear Lake, and occasionally Disneyland. Ashley is a Disney superfan. We were able to go to Tokyo and Hong Kong Disneylands while living overseas. Other adventures include 4-wheeling trips on the trails around us and day trips to local museums and aquariums.


While Daniel works:

While Daniel is a work, Panda and I try to have educational outings or lazy cuddle time. He loves to help cook and do some of the chores, and we love to cuddle and watch Daniel Tiger in the afternoons. He has recently taken to cuddling his little pandas (of which he has 6) and he is a great little panda daddy. I can’t wait to see him as an older brother.


Adoption is part of our lives and we are so grateful for it. It has been our plan A since we got married. We love open adoption and wish we had more contact from Panda’s birth mother. We send her pictures and letters but allow her to respond as she is comfortable. We talk positively about her in our home and pray for her each night.

Life is so many things. Sometimes life if hard. Sometimes life is about timing. Sometimes life is about companions. Sometimes life is about friends. Sometimes life is about fun. Sometimes life is unexpected. Sometimes life is about faith.

Life is always about family.

We hope you enjoyed this glance of ours.

To learn more about Daniel and Ashley contact CSS at liesl@cssutah.org

or call/text 801-656-8527.