Welcome to us!! Happy to meet you!!

We are so excited for the opportunity and hope to add onto our ‘little’ family!! We have been so blessed and hope to share those blessings with another! Let us introduce ourselves…

Cory and Brittany have been married for 21 years and have had a fun adventure the whole time! They met in college and after a short courtship were engaged and married 4 months later. They are still each other’s best friends and prefer to spend time together and with their family than anything else!

Cory is 44 and is a Family Nurse Practitioner. Cory enjoys weight lifting, playing basketball, comics, and his family. He’s a very devoted father and works very hard to provide for his family. He supports his wife and children in their interests and hobbies and comes to as many activities as he can.

Brittany is 41 and is a stay-at-home mother. Brittany spends time volunteering at the elementary school every Tuesday and having lunch with her teenagers every week. Brittany enjoys gardening, baking, running, playing the piano and anything and everything that has to do with her children. Brittany feels very blessed that Cory has such a great job that enables her to stay at home.

Taylor is a senior in high school and has started applying to colleges for the fall. Taylor enjoys playing soccer, drawing, and his music. Taylor has a big heart and is sensitive to others feelings. He’s a great kid who happens to also be a great big brother.

Josh is a junior in high school this year. Josh enjoys playing rugby, basketball, his saxophone, hanging out with friends and earning money. Josh is a voracious reader and can devour books in days, if not hours. Josh has a great sense of humor and can make anyone feel at ease around him. Josh is also an amazing big brother.

Samantha is in the 8th grade this year and enjoying middle school. Samantha loves drawing and art. She also plays the trumpet in the school concert band. Samantha is soft spoken and soft hearted. She loves being in the middle of the big boys and the little girls; as she fits in with both! She can talk video games and comic book hero’s better than most boys, but can also participate in imaginative play with her younger sisters all day long!

Ashley is in the 4th grade and is as sassy as they come! Ashley keeps herself busy doing ballet, jazz, tumbling, cheer and learning to play the piano. Ashley is very athletic and isn’t afraid to try any new trick! She is very mindful of her younger sister and often spends her time playing with her.

Rachel is in Kindergarten this year and loves riding the bus! Rachel is enjoying her ballet and tumbling classes. She is always trying to keep up with her older siblings and never wants to miss out on anything! She keeps talking about a new sibling, so we know even she is excited for this new chapter in our family life!! She is a sweet little girl with a huge personality!!

We have been so blessed as a family and feel that now is the perfect time to adopt again. We feel that as a family we have time and love to share with more kids! All the kids are in school, our three oldest are great and responsible when it comes to helping out in the house, with younger siblings, and whatever else might be asked of them; they’re great examples to their younger siblings! In fact, we already have the next to Cory & Brittany’s room set aside and beds set up, just waiting for little ones.

We believe that a family is meant to love and support one another. So we all try very hard to attend all of the activities, games, recitals and showings of each other’s. We enjoy vacationing together. Whether we go to Disneyland, a national park, or just hang out at a condo with a big pool… family time is sacred time and we can never get enough of it! We enjoy indoor things and outdoor things, video games, movies, and music. We like going to the park, going on walks, board games, good home cooked food, good restaurant food, sports and sporting events, traditions, family activities and a little bit of sporadic chaos.

If we had a family motto, it would be: Family – Forever, for always… and no matter what!

To learn more about Cory and Brittany contact CSS at richard@cssutah.org

or call/text 801-656-8527.