Chris and Michelle: Our Story

Hi, nice to meet you! We are Chris and Michelle, and we are excited for the opportunity to share a little about our family.

In 2004, Chris met Michelle while shopping for a puppy, of which Michelle’s family had a litter.  Looking back, it’s no surprise that our journey began with a puppy, since animals have been a big part of our lives ever since.  Chris was immediately taken by Michelle’s energetic and friendly personality, though her radiant smile and eyes that twinkled with laughter certainly didn’t hurt.  Being a total coward, Chris didn’t ask her out on the spot, but used a mutual friend to set up a first date.  Twenty camping, donut, and laughter filled months later, we were married.  A couple of years after that, we had the first of our four boys.  The rest, as they say, is history.  In our nearly perfect time together, we have only ever wanted for one thing: a little girl to complete our family.

We work every day as partners to parent our boys.  We teach them principles of decency and hard work, but also not to take themselves too seriously.  Our goal is to raise kind, genuine human beings who can withstand the many challenges of this world, and do some good along the way.  All of our boys are also excited to have a little sister, so she will have 4 little guardians right away!


Raising four boys (five, if you include Chris) is no small task, but Michelle often makes it look effortless.  She is hard-working, funny, calm, and patient.  The depth of her creativity has no measure as she employs it in cooking, decorating, and making housework crazy-fun for our boys.  Born and raised in Utah, Michelle embodies the legacy of her family: deep love for the outdoors, a passion for creatures great and small, and fierce loyalty to those closest to her.  She maintains unshakeable focus on the long-term goals of our family while finding joy in every day.  She is an inspired gardener and is often asked by friends and neighbors for help, which she gladly gives in time or advice.



Chris was born and raised in Utah.  From an early age he found a love for stories and their power to amaze, transport, and touch the minds of people across time and space.  His passion for communication has cultivated a long and successful career with a large company, culminating in a position that offers both great pay and work/life balance.  He strives to teach the importance of intensity to our boys, whether in one’s career, hobbies, or relationships.  He has essentially adopted Michelle’s two brothers as his own, and with them a love for hunting, fishing, and the humbling enormity of the wilderness.  He still seeks out well-told stories in books, movies, games, and life.


We are grateful to find ourselves here with you in this moment, though we cannot imagine the difficulty of your situation and the choices before you.  We admire your strength and thank you for your consideration.  We hope that after reading this, you know a little more about the special place your little girl will have in our hearts and home.

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