We fell in love because of a fish. Weird right, but here’s the story. Beckie was on an Alaskan cruise and chose fishing as one of her activities. She caught her very first fish and took a picture with it. A month later she joined an online dating site. Brent saw that picture in her profile and decided that she was someone he wanted to meet. Although she is pretty proud of the fish, Brent was definitely the best catch of the day!


Our Story 
We met in 2013 and our first date consisted of bowling and while at dinner, Beckie almost stabbing Brent with a fork because she was so nervous. We talked for hours that night and haven’t really stopped since. We got married in 2014 after about 9 months of dating. We have always known we wanted a family. After about a year of trying to get pregnant we began to see specialists and found that we would not be able to conceive without help. Fast-forward to a few more specialists and a few years later. We decided that adoption was the course of action we wanted to take to become parents. Although infertility was the hardest thing we have ever gone though, it helped us grow stronger and become closer as a couple.

We are excited to grow our family through adoption. We are looking forward to fostering a loving, kind, open, and fun home. We want your child to feel connected to their culture, birth family, and adoptive family. We are looking forward to helping your child discover their natural talents as well as helping to nurture and develop new gifts as they grow. We look forward to doing everything from reading bedtime stories, teaching strong values, helping with homework, cheering for our teams, traveling together, to sharing all of the love, happiness, and fun we have to offer.

Beckie talks about Brent
Brent is full of energy, love, laughter and loyalty. One of my favorite things he ever said to me is “that there is always a laughter in his heart.” He is very passionate about the things he loves; besides me, music is one of the biggest passions in his life. He loves going to concerts and has taught himself to play guitar. Brent has a huge music collection full of records, cd’s and even tapes. Luckily the iPod was invented. He has opened my eyes to new genres bands and music. Brent loves riding his bike and when the weather is good he rides it work. He enjoys watching cartoons and is a great handyman and cook. He is a wonderful provider and works very hard in his finance job to support us. More importantly, he takes really good care of me, our extended family, and friends and I am lucky to take care of him. Brent will make a wonderful dad as he is very patient and caring. Our nieces and nephews love to play games with him like Ping-Pong and Yahtzee or just hang out with him. 

Brent talks about Beckie
Beckie is sweet, kind, always makes me laugh, and brings light with her everywhere she goes. Beckie is an avid reader and enjoys everything from Harry Potter, mystery and comedy, to just about any good book she can get a hold of. She has a passion for football and is an avid NFL and college football fan, and cheers for her teams just as loudly at home as she would in the stadium. Beckie is all of her nieces and nephews favorite aunt and loves to play games, watch movies, or help out with homework. She especially loves traveling to the beaches of California, Disneyland/Disneyworld, and is always ready to check out new places. Beckie is exceptionally kind and compassionate and goes out of her way to be there for her friends and family. She always makes me feel like a superhero and I am very blessed to be married to her and love every single moment we are together.

Our life together
We love hanging out with each other and our sweet cat, Penelope. Some of our favorite things to do are go on trips, spend time with family and friends or find a great show to watch on Netflix. We love to watch sports both live and on TV. We are big fans of The University of Utah football team and try to see them live at least once a year. We went and saw Beckie’s beloved San Francisco 49ers on one of our first trips together after we got married. We enjoy going to concerts together. Some of our favorites have been seeing AC/DC play at Dodgers Stadium, Sam Smith here in Utah, and Jason Aldean on our Honeymoon. We love spending time with our family and friends. We get together every Sunday with either Brent or Beckie’s family and have dinner. In addition to that we enjoy spending the holidays with our family. Every year Beckie’s mom throws a fun Easter party and we enjoy spending Christmas Eve with Brent’s family. We started a new tradition of our own last year which is having a Candlelight Christmas Crepe Breakfast. One of the things that we love most about us is that we challenge each other to do things that we wouldn’t normally do. For example, while Beckie loves the beach she is not an avid fan of the outdoors. However, when we went to Moab to participate in a 5K and hiked Delicate Arch, she fell in love with Moab. Brent has a go, go, go personality, especially on vacations, and Beckie has taught him that sometimes a great part of vacation is just taking the time to relax and enjoy your surroundings.

Final Thoughts
We know that the decisions you are facing right now are difficult ones and we cannot fathom all the thoughts and feelings you are processing. We just want you to know that you and your child are in our thoughts and prayers. We promise that your child will grow up with the full knowledge of his or her adoption and look forward to working with you in deciding the level of open adoption that is most comfortable to your child, you and us. We are excited to share in your hopes and dreams for your child and raise him or her to their fullest potential. Thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit about us and whatever your choice may be, we wish you well.

To learn more about Brent & Beckie contact CSS at richard@cssutah.org
or call/text 801-656-8527.