Aaron and Kyle

On a recent trip to Disneyland, as we were surrounded by children and their families, we were filled with joy and happiness as we wandered through the magical park. Our feelings of starting a family intensified. Through all the fun and excitement that we shared, we both couldn’t help but become excited with the thought of one day being able to share this experience with our own future family. Our future children often come up in our conversations, as we happily prepare ourselves for parenthood. Although we know that adoption can be difficult journey for all involved, it is one of our biggest dreams and we are excited to pursue it.


We met on an online dating website five years ago. Our first date was simple, watching a movie while eating chips and homemade salsa. We instantly felt a connection, both feeling at ease with each other and sharing a comfortable flow of conversation. Over the next few months, we bonded over our shared values and love of video games, Disney movies, and caring for animals. After dating for a couple years, we moved in together and were later married in August 2015.

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Each of us grew up surrounded by a big, close network of extended family members whom we spent a lot of time with. We have both always wanted to become fathers and start a family of our own. When we began dating, we discussed this at length and agreed that we would like to have children through adoption one day. We both feel adoption is incredibly beautiful and can be an enriching experience for all involved. We admire birth parents and would like an open adoption, if the birth parents feel comfortable with it.

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Aaron grew up near Vail, Colorado. When he was young, Aaron enjoyed snowboarding, playing volleyball with his friends, learning to play musical instruments, and participating in school theater productions. Aaron is currently attending the University of Utah and is expecting to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in communications in December 2016. Aaron also works full-time as a manager at a major retailer. In his spare time, Aaron likes to cook, bake, read, play video games, and decorate our home.

Aaron & Kyle 6ABOUT KYLE

Kyle grew up in Kaysville, Utah and has always enjoyed living close to the mountains and beautiful Utah scenery. As a child, Kyle enjoyed playing outside with his friends, celebrating Christmas traditions, taking care of his pet guinea pigs, and traveling with his family. Kyle graduated with a bachelor’s degree in 2013 and currently works as a child welfare social worker. When he has free time, Kyle enjoys hiking, taking/editing pictures, playing video games, and planning parties and events.

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We both love the outdoors and try to go camping several times each year. We like going to movies, live theater performances, and other artistic events together. We both have a love of travel and exploring new places. Most recently, we had the opportunity to travel to Tokyo, Japan! It was an amazing adventure full of fun memories.

At home, we enjoy taking care of our rabbit named Phoebe and guinea pig named Gordo. Our home becomes magical during Christmas time, as it our favorite holiday. We both enjoy decorating for the season, especially our 14 foot Christmas tree.

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Aaron & Kyle 10OUR HOME

We live in a new, multi-level home in Davis County. It is located in a safe, quiet neighborhood with lots of children and quality schools nearby. We love that our home is in a calm area, but is still only fifteen minutes from downtown Salt Lake City and all the activities and programs within it. We take pride in our home and yard, striving to create a nice atmosphere to live within.

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Kyle’s parents and siblings all live within a half hour of us. We spend lots of time with them, sharing frequent family dinners, activities, parties, and outings. Our family strives to make cherished memories for the children, with our niece and nephews particularly enjoying our annual chalk drawing contest. Aaron’s family is spread out between Colorado, Utah, and Mexico. Although we do not see them as often, we try to incorporate many of his family’s traditions into our own. Our favorite of which is making tamales every Christmas season and giving them to our neighbors, friends, and family members. We also have a diverse group of friends that we see very frequently and consider as family. We cannot wait to connect our children with all of the special people and traditions in our lives!

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To learn more about Aaron and Kyle, please contact us at liesl@cssutah.org
or call/text 801-656-8527.