Welcome to our Family!

cw1When we were dating, I told Chase that I may not be able to have children. He quickly responded “Hey, we can adopt!”  and told me he had an adopted niece and nephew. I excitedly responded that my oldest niece was also adopted. Two years ago we became parents to a beautiful baby boy through the miracle of adoption. Our little family and our extended families on both sides have been so greatly blessed by adoption! We are excited to start this adoption journey as our hearts and home are ready for another child to join our family. Thanks for taking the time to get to know us!

Love in our home is shown through words and actions, opportunities to develop interests & talents are provided, education and learning is encouraged and family traditions are plentiful. We are excited to welcome another child to our home and help them achieve their highest potential by giving of our time, energy, tears, cheers, patience and lots of love.

We hope to enjoy an open adoption, unless you desire differently and we will respect your wishes. We know that adoption results in an increase of extended family and we look forward to creating a relationship that is most beneficial to our child.

We are excited to get to know you, please feel free to contact us via phone, e-mail or social media. We are amazed at your strength and humbled by your selflessness. We pray that as you make important decisions in your life, your heart will be comforted and answers to your prayers will be clear and abundant.

Lots of Love,
Chase, Wendy and Rex

How it all started …

w-togetherNine years ago we went on our first date. Wendy accidentally swore at me, I fell in love with that girl off the farm and asked her out for the next night. She said yes, shut the door and ran up the stairs to throw up from the food poisoning she got from dinner that night. But we still went on a date the next night, and the next night and… we never stopped! It’s no Cinderella story, but it’s our story. Wendy said the food poisoning was worth it!

w-underwaterWe were married in 2007 and finished college together at Utah State University before moving to Davis County, Utah where we purchased our home. We became parents in 2014 to our son, Rex, and he’s been the greatest joy of our lives! We like to try new things together; like taking a ballroom dance class, snorkeling in the Caribbean and attempting DIY home projects. We both love Disneyland, Mexican food, the beach, going on walks in the canyon, funny TV shows Christmas, playing games, birthdays and ice cream. Oh, and, we really like each other – a lot!

All About Wendy (by Chase)

Wendy sees the best in everyone and helps others to see their own potential and gain confidence. She is beautiful, smart, sassy, absolutely hilarious, hard-working, confident, fun, secure, spontaneous, non-judgmental and real (she is who she is and never puts on a show). She never takes anything too seriously and she’s not easily offended. She loved to dance as a young girl and inherited her grandmother’s love of traveling. She loves fireworks, rain, avocados, shopping, photography, fish tacos and awkward situations (weird, I know). Wendy makes friends instantly and is constantly planning parties, outings and vacations with family and friends. She’s always the life of the party with her contagious smile and ability to make others laugh.

Wendy grew up on a dairy farm and has an amazing work ethic. She also has an incredible mind: she earned her Bachelor’s degree when she was 20 years old and later her Master’s degree with a 4.0 GPA, all while working full time! I’ve never seen Wendy intimidated by anything; she’s confident and secure with who she is. She always notices when others need help and is not shy at all- she jumps right in and recruits the masses if needed. She keeps us all laughing, smiling, learning and serving.

Wendy is the center of Rex’s world and the most wonderful mother. She is loads of fun and keeps his social calendar full of cs4play dates, trips to the park and learning activities. Wendy spends hours outside with Rex drawing letters with chalk on the driveway, helping him ride his scooter around the neighborhood, pushing him on the swing and building sand castles over and over again just so he can smash them. Wendy always makes Rex feel included; he is never too young or too little to participate in any activity. She is incredibly patient, positive and respectful. I’m always amazed to watch Wendy communicate with Rex – she gets right down on his level and explains difficult concepts in words he can understand. Whenever Rex tells me about something new he’s learned, I ask him, “Where did you learn that?” and his answer is always the same: “From my Mama!”. He adores her, as do I. Wendy has helped me to see my potential, encouraged me to excel and supported me through my weaknesses and will do the same for our children.

All About Chase (by Wendy)


The thing I love most about Chase is how attentive and thoughtful he is. He remembers special dates and plans fun ways to
celebrate them. He is so good about noticing what needs to be done and jumps right in to help. Chase loves scuba diving, hiking, camping, fishing, movies, reading and is a fabulous cook! Rex is always so excited to help daddy make homemade pancakes and syrup on Saturday morning.

A few random things about Chase: he loves stale marshmallows, hates having hair on his head and loves to make me laugh until I squeak. Chase is an easygoing guy, but is always up for any party or vacation that I plan. Chase grew up in Idaho and enjoyed playing basketball, canyoneering, and backpacking in the mountains with his brothers. He went on a two-year service mission to Florida where he gained a great love for southern barbeque. He started working at the age of eight and has been employed ever since. He earned two Bachelor’s degrees in Accounting and Economics and enjoys working as an accountant where he gets all sorts of nerdy excited over awesome spreadsheets and macros he creates – which I find adorable (and hilarious!). Chase’s goal was always to find a job that provided for his family and was flexible so he could take time off for family events. We are so blessed that he found a job with all those perks and he truly enjoys his work.

Chase is a very involved father. He has never missed one of Rex’s doctor checkups, always taking off work to come. He plans oncw2 attending all of his children’s soccer games, dance recitals, etc. – just as his dad did. He’s incredibly competent and knows Rex’s routines just as well as I do. Nothing makes him happier than being a dad and spending time with his son. They spend a lot of time outside together working on things in the garage and taking care of the yard. Rex follows him around and Chase includes him in everything he does and teaches him along the way. At two years old, Rex knows how to work a shovel and can help move dirt, has the fine motor skills to hammer nails into a board and can use a screwdriver. He mows right alongside daddy with his play mower and has his own little rake to help with leaves. If someone is in a bad mood or has their feelings hurt, Chase is quick to respond. He is the kind of dad that our kids will go to when they are sad, disappointed, frustrated or happy- because he is easy to talk to and listens well. I love this man so much and I love watching him be a dad. I am so grateful for the kind, attentive father and husband that he is!

All About Rex

cw3Rex is the best surprise we’ve ever had! Two years ago we received a phone call that a baby was born and his birth parents were considering adoption and wanted to meet us that very night. We spent hours that evening visiting with them and were thrilled when they asked us if we would adopt him into our family. The very next day, exactly 24 hours after we learned of his birth, we met his birth parents at the hospital for placement and came home with a beautiful dark eyed baby boy with dimples that would melt any heart. We are incredibly grateful for the love of his birth parents and their confidence in us. We are the luckiest!

Rex radiates joy and happiness with his friendly demeanor and signature dimples. He yells hello and waves to everyone he sees and makes friends wherever he goes – no matter the age. He is strong and agile with incredible determination and endless amounts of energy. He runs fasts, jumps high and learns quickly. He loves robots, dinosaurs, tools, the beach, family movie night, Disneyland, Curious George, and playing with his cousins. Rex gets his beautiful coloring from being mixed race Mexican/Puerto Rican/Caucasian/Italian.

w-orangesRex is a fantastic helper around the house; always excited to wash dishes, vacuum, do laundry and help with yard work. He enjoys hiking, digging in his sandbox, camping, swimming, swinging, playing hide and seek, jumping on his trampoline, singing songs, going to grandpa’s farm, shaking his booty to music and going for walks around the neighborhood to find friends and visit with neighbors. His favorite foods are fruit of any kind (especially berries), olives, marshmallows, cucumbers, fries and ice cream. He’s mastered the letters of the alphabet and recently conquered potty training. He is compassionate, kind, friendly and silly. His cute giggle and dimples fill our home with happiness!

When we asked Rex if he wanted to be a big brother he said, “Baby be so happy mine house!” We think so, too, and can’t wait to see him take on his role of big brother.

Our Home:

w-ChristmasOur quiet little cul-de-sac is not so quiet between the end of school and bedtime because all the neighbor kids love to get together and play outside; riding bikes, playing basketball, and enjoying night games. Our neighborhood is active and very close – we often go on picnics to the park and have weekly play dates.

Some things that attracted us to this area are the great schools and a small town atmosphere while still being close to an amusement park, water parks, museums, splash pads, the library, walking trails, numerous playgrounds and just a short drive to the airport. Living close to the mountains puts us near rivers, ponds and hiking trails to explore. We live in Davis County in a city rated as one of the safest in Utah. Our home has plenty of room for our family to grow. We have a fenced backyard with a swing set, sandbox, garden, little trampoline and a slide going off the deck. Chase is itching to put his woodworking skills to use and make the ultimate tree house for Rex! Wendy’s photography skills are apparent on the walls of our home where many happy memories are displayed. Her shopping and decorating have turned our house into a home where we frequently entertain family and friends.

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To learn more about Chase and Wendy, please contact us at liesl@cssutah.org
or call/text 801-656-8527.