Celeste Peckham


Celeste Peckham- Program Coordinator, Utah Parents in Action. a Home Visitation Program


Celeste has a Master’s of Social Work degree from Brigham Young University and holds a Certified Social Worker (CSW) license. She has worked with children and families in various capacities for 11+ years, including 3 years as a therapeutic preschool teacher at The Children’s Center and 2 years of individual and family therapy during graduate school. During those years, she fell in love with working to support parents to raise happy, healthy children. She came to work for CSS in early 2012 as a parent educator and found that her passion for parenting could be applied to her work. She feels that one of the most important jobs in the world is to raise a child and she feels it a great honor to be supporting parents in that vital work.

In addition to her fascination for everything related to parenting and child development, Celeste loves to read, spend time with her family, play with her nieces and nephew, and go on walks with furry companions.