Holly and Aaron


This is just a glimpse into our life. We love one another deeply, laugh a lot, and dream of welcoming a child into our family whom we will love unconditionally. What is best for you and your child is our highest priority and we promise to be honest and transparent as we navigate adoption together. Your child will always know their story and that their adoption was a choice of love. Our goal is open adoption, but most importantly, we hope to work with you to create the best situation for you and your child.  Please know that we wish peace and comfort for you during this time in your life.

With Love,

Holly & Aaron

 About Us

We are an active couple who live in Salt Lake City with our dog Moose.  We met 11 years ago while we were working at an outdoor gear shop in Vermont.  On our first date we clicked right away over the best pizza dinner with a brownie sundae dessert. We fell in love with each other while hiking, kayaking and skiing.  We married in 2013 and are best friends. In our time together, we have moved across the country, purchased a home and had a lot of fun adventures and travels along the way. Holly now works as a Physician Assistant in an Emergency Department and Aaron continues his work in the outdoor industry.

Life isn’t all about work. In fact, we both love our jobs for the amount of time they allow us away from work, both at home and outside. We enjoy mountain biking, hiking and downhill skiing together and have easy access to these activities where we live. We seek both small and big adventures – an overnight camping trip in the nearby mountains, biking in southern Utah, and traveling as far as Nepal to backpack and volunteer with healthcare teams. But the simple gifts of life are often experienced and enjoyed in the quieter moments – like nightly walks around the neighborhood with our dog, after dinner treats at a local ice cream shop, impromptu dinners with friends, snuggling on the sofa to watch a show, or sitting down to breakfast and a cup of coffee together before work.


Why we are adopting

Years ago, we knew we wanted children, but this proved challenging. Through our infertility struggles, we realized we wanted a child to love and we would be incredibly fortunate to love a child who came to us through adoption. Boy or girl, we want to welcome your child through adoption with open arms into our fun and laughter-filled home. We have so much love to offer give a child, as do our extended families. We dream of nurturing a baby into a happy healthy child and then a well-balanced adult. We look forward to story times, holidays with our families, teaching them to ski and bike and showing them the importance of kindness. We can’t wait to introduce them to activities we love and encourage them to develop their own interests and passions. Our child will always know their adoption story and the love of both of their families.

About Holly (by Aaron)

Holly is inclusive, thoughtful, kind and humble.  I fell in love with her freckles, her laugh and her ability to balance having a good time with achieving her goals. She is the engine of our household, making sure our home is warm and inviting (i.e. adequate supply of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and chocolate chip cookies) and keeping in touch with our friends and family. She can make anything fun, from a rainy weekend hunkered down in our house to even building Ikea furniture. Her compassion and empathy for me, Moose, our families and her patients in the Emergency Department where she works as a Physician Assistant make me proud to be her husband. I feel lucky to have married my best friend; she is the best part of my life. Her selfless and loving nature will make her a wonderful mom.

 Holly loves: any form of skiing, warm chocolate chip cookies, long walks with Aaron and Moose, getting lost in a book, cooking our favorite meals together as a family.

About Aaron (by Holly)

Aaron is a selfless, loyal and fiercely funny person, my best friend and my favorite adventure partner. I fell in love with his southern charm and slight accent and never looked back. He is always looking out for those he loves; my coworkers are jealous of the breakfast sandwiches and milkshakes he is known to deliver to work. He once rode his bike 26 miles alongside me as I ran a marathon to support me and moved across the country to be with me while I attended graduate school. I look forward to the rewards and joys of parenthood as well as the trying moments and challenges. There is no one I would rather experience these emotions and adventure with than Aaron. I can’t wait to see him fall in love with our child.

Aaron loves: the thrill of mountain biking, pecan pie, casual weekends, snuggling with Moose and Virginia Tech Football

Meet Moose

Our dog, Moose, has never met a stolen sock, dog or person he didn’t love. Moose is always by our side; he goes to work with Aaron when Holly is working.  An office and neighborhood favorite, he makes friends easily. When he’s not milking the clock, on a stroll around the neighborhood, or out on the trail, he can be found napping on the sofa or one of the guest beds in our home.


Our Home

We live in a cozy bungalow built in the 1920s that has four bedrooms and two bathrooms. Our home has plenty of room for a child to grow and a bedroom waiting right next to ours. We love spending time in our living room listening to music or watching a TV show – 30 Rock and Parks and Recreation are our favorites. Once in a while we find ourselves dancing to our favorite songs. Our fenced-in backyard is perfect for grilling dinner and playing fetch with the dog. We love our neighborhood and most evenings you can find us walking the dog around our neighborhood and stopping to chat with neighbors. We frequently have impromptu dinners and dog play dates with our friends in the neighborhood. There is a playground a few blocks away and a larger park with more swings, a splashpad and an aviary nearby. The zoo is a short drive from our home. We are surrounded by a mixture of young families, retirees and everyone in between. Nearby, there are restaurants and ice cream shops to walk and bike to.

Parting thoughts

We promise to honor you in this journey. You will always be the center of your child’s story and we will always remind your child how much you love them. We promise to protect your child and their story. We promise to be present and enjoy the little moments, as well as the big ones. We promise unconditional love to this child that will never sway or falter. We promise to work with you to find the best way to be involved in your child’s life.

 We want your child to know that they can trust our unconditional love for them. We want them to learn and appreciate the importance of honesty and forgiveness. Education is important to us and we will do our best to make learning fun and ensure your child has access to the resources they need to succeed. We hope to teach them how to respectfully and successfully advocate for themselves throughout their life. Our goal is to raise a kind, respectful and responsible child who always knows that the greatest gift ever bestowed on us is being their parent.

If adoption feels like the right choice for you and your child, we hope to hear from you. Know that whatever you decide, we wish you and your child all of the best in life.

With Love,

Holly & Aaron


To learn more about Aaron & Holly contact CSS at richard@cssutah.org
or call/text 801-656-8527.