International Home Study

International Adoption Process – CSS will prepare a homestudy and provide post placement supervision for international adoptions, but you will need to find an international agency to complete the child referral portion of an international adoption.

Every country has different requirements and you will need to seek the guidance of the international agency regarding those requirements.

Please contact Allison for an application:

  • What is a home study?

    A home study or adoptive evaluation is a state required documentation process that covers your readiness and ability to adopt. A licensed social worker will visit with your family in your home. This is an excellent time for the worker to get to know you and understand your motivation to adopt. Although it may appear overwhelming and possibly invasive at first, you will begin to see that it can actually be an positive experience where you are able to share your family’s strengths. Your home study worker is there to help you bring your child home rather than hinder you in the process. Children’s Service Society conducts domestic and international homestudies for families in the state of Utah.

  • How do I adopt internationally?

    Although Children’s Service Society does not offer complete international adoption services, we are able to work jointly with you and another agency to complete your international home study. We have partnerships with several reputable international adoption agencies throughout the country that work with a variety of countries. Each of these agencies is located outside the state of Utah and unable to complete your home study. Once you have decided on an international adoption agency, they will contact us with the necessary contract and home study information for the country you have selected and we will begin the home study process. We will work jointly with your selected adoption agency throughout the entire home study and adoption process.

  • How is the international home study different?

    An international home study is much more extensive than a domestic home study. Your worker will conduct three to four face-to-face interviews with your family throughout this process. Each adult will be interviewed separately and be asked questions requiered by USCIS. Also, one of these interviews will be in your home. More extensive documentation is also required regarding your finances and background.

  • How long will the home study take?

    Once you have submitted the required information, your worker will usually be able to complete your interviews and home study within six weeks. Prior to completion, your home study will be submitted to the international agency you have selected for review. They review the home study to make sure it meets counrty requirements. Once the study is completed, notarized copies will be sent to you and your international adoption agency. You will then forward one copy on to USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services) for approval with your I600-A Form and I800 Form. Learn more about these forms on the USCIS website.

  • How is the government involved in this process?

    You must receive approval through USCIS in order to adopt. In the state of Utah, it has been our experience that this takes approximately eight weeks to receive approval once the home study is submitted. Several forms must be submitted to USCIS in this process and you will also be fingerprinted by USCIS prior to approval. Click here to access the USCIS website for information regarding international adoption.

  • What is required of my family in the home study process?
    • Each family member must have seen a doctor in the last six months.
    • Several background clearances will be run on each family member over 18 years of age. All criminal acts, no matter how long ago must be disclosed to the worker. Each individual over 18 must also be fingerprinted and may need to be fingerprinted more than once.
    • We request five references and contact them regarding your ability to parent an adopted child.
    • Each able family member will be interviewed regarding the adoption process.
  • What should I expect in the home study interviews?

    The interviews for international adoption are similar to domestic, but more in depth. Education is also part of this process. Your worker will spend significant time ensuring you understand the adoption process and the risks you are taking by adopting internationally. Families who adopt internationally may face many different challenges. It is important that you understand these prior to adopting. You will need to complete adoption education hours when you adopt internationally. You may be asked to read certain books or complete modules regarding international adoption.

  • How Do I begin?

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