“ Unexpected life changes aren’t meant to stop you.  They are designed to point the way to a new route, new possibilities and new doorways.” – Anonymous

This “new route” of adoption came to us unexpectedly.  We have 2 biological daughters, Maggie & Afton, and had thought our family was complete…  but life doesn’t always follow the path we think it will and we were inspired to follow this path!  Our home and hearts are opened for this unexpected yet exciting journey we hope to make with you!  We can only sympathize with the range of emotions and feelings you are having.  Our wish is that at least two of those feelings are hope and comfort.  Hope for your child for a happy future, a loving and fun home surrounded by family, and comfort in knowing that we can provide those things and more.



I was one of three girls in Drafting class our sophomore year of high school, which is where Spencer first caught my eye.  He says he “noticed” me long before that class!  We became really good friends; we would hang out, go to the same parties, and usually be partners on team projects in class.  We designed our “dream house” in Architecture class the next year and joked that someday we would have our own house. (We were the only team to fully complete the project and got an A.)  We became “high school sweethearts” our junior year and haven’t been apart since.  We got engaged on Valentine’s Day (at 6:30 a.m.!) in 2000; Spencer came to my house and asked me to be his “8 Cow Wife” – if you haven’t seen the movie “Johnny Lingo”, go watch it.
My grandma called everyone she knew that morning and told them there were 8 cows on her front lawn – they were cows made from poster paper, but still!  We got married about 4 months later on June 30,, and will be celebrating our 17th year of wedded bliss this year.



SPENCER, by Dottie

Spencer is very kind and compassionate; he cares about other’s feelings more than his own and has a very tender heart.   He also has a great sense of humor, which is one of the things I love most about him – he makes me laugh every day.  I have always been impressed by his level of respect for his mother and other women.  As a husband, he is the peacemaker and always lets me know how much he appreciates all I do for him and our family.  We strive to make time for each other and go on dates at least once a week.  He is always calm and very easy going.  I’m not sure if I have ever seen a sweeter father, he loves to wrestle with the girls, take them hunting and camping, and play outside almost daily with our dogs, Daisee and Roxie.  Spencer is naturally athletic and has always liked to play sports, particularly basketball and golf.  But big game hunting is his main passion in life and he has quite the antler and gun collection.  The first time he took me “hunting,” we were actually looking for the “shed antlers”.  I told my mom I was going “shed hunting” with Spencer.  She was so confused !  She thought we were looking for some kind of building. I wasn’t positive what “sheds” were either, but now our house is filled with them.  It’s always “hunting season” at our home… whether it’s antlers, elk, deer , or game birds.  Spencer grew up in a small town and worked for local farmers moving sprinkler pipe and irrigating, did his share of chores in and outside of their house and developed a strong work ethic.  I admire his willingness to serve others and step in when someone needs help.   Spencer is my better half in every way.

DOTTIE, by Spencer

Dottie loves life!  She is very optimistic and always sees the good in any situation.  She has a very inviting personality and a contagiously cheerful disposition.  She is the most forgiving person I have ever known; she doesn’t take offense to anything and can let things go (that maybe other people wouldn’t).She loves music of all kinds. We have a piano and hope our children will continue with lessons.  She is also the organist at our church.  She loves to be around people, especially her family; she rarely goes a day without talking to her mother who is her best friend.   Our children are her ultimate joy in life and she is an amazing mother.  They love playing games like SkipBo and Ticket to Ride, going shopping, and cuddling up in our bed to watch movies.  She absolutely loves to cook and especially bake desserts – cakes, cookies, cake pops, anything with sugar!  Maybe that is why she is so sweet.  If she could, she would travel the world; she loves going anywhere and she loves taking our girls on vacation.  (I’m not much of a traveler so I usually get to stay home with our dogs.  But we have been on two cruises!)  In my eyes, she has little or no weaknesses.  I know she is not perfect, but she is perfect for me.



MAGGIE, by Mom and Dad

Magpie, as we call her, is our sweet heart; she made us parents and for that we will be forever grateful.  She loves to learn and analyze everything.  She was so excited to be a big sister when Afton was born and can’t wait to have another sibling.  She loves drawing and coloring; she has her own little art desk that is neatly organized.  I am so lucky because she loves to fold laundry!  We have loved watching her play basketball, soccer and cheerleading.  She takes piano and art lessons and does very well with both.  She is caring, compassionate and loves to play games, particularly Ticket to Ride.

AFTON, by Mom and Dad

Afton is our spunky little drama queen. She sings, dances, and cart-wheels her way through life and we love to watch.   She is sweet, funny and loves to make videos of herself singing or putting on makeup; she really wants to have her own YouTube channel!  She loves to play games with the family, especially Just Dance with the Wii.  Afton cannot wait to be a big sister!


We are grateful you would take the time to learn a little about us.  We are anxious to add to our family and thank you so much for considering us. We can’t wait to meet you and when it’s right, start this new journey together!

To learn more about Spencer and Dottie contact us at liesl@cssutah.org

or call/text 801-656-8527.