We appreciate you taking the time to view our profile and hope that you are finding the peace and guidance that you need as you make this important decision in your life.

We are an active, fun-loving, faith-centered family.  We enjoy being with our families, playing sports, boating, being outdoors, and watching movies together.  We are a simple family that finds joy in being together no matter what we are doing.

Three years ago we were given the most amazing gift through the miracle of adoption… our son Knox!  Adopting our son has taught us more than we could have ever imagined and we are so grateful for the experiences that we have had and for the opportunity to be parents.

We have always wanted a bigger family and have felt strongly that it is time to adopt again.  Being parents is our greatest joy, and Knox is ready to be a big brother.  We are excited about the possibilities of growing our family again.

Cory, Jessica, and Knox


Cory by Jessica

Cory is hands down the most hard-working and selfless person I know or have ever met.  He puts his whole heart into everything he does, whether that’s work, his side business, serving in our church, or being a husband and a dad, nothing is ever halfway with him. He is constantly looking for ways to better himself and make the people around him happy.

The thing that first attracted me to Cory was his smile, and that smile intensifies by ten whenever he is with Knox.  He never lets a day go by without letting Knox know how happy he makes him and how much he is loved.  I always knew he would be an amazing dad because of the way he was with kids, but he has far exceeded my every expectation.

He is the perfect combination of tough, protective, determined, patient, crazy, funny, and loving.  He is simply amazing and anyone who knows him would agree.



Jessica by Cory

Aside from her looks that had me hooked on our first date, it is her ability to love and nurture those around her that made me fall in love and want to spend forever with her. She gives all that she has to her family. One of Jessica’s greatest strengths is that she is fiercely loyal and supports me in all that I do. She is selfless and is always looking for ways to serve and help those around her.

My love has deepened for Jessica every single day since I have watched her become a mother. She has sacrificed her career to be a stay-at-home mom and I respect her so much for that. Her whole life revolves around being the best mom that she can be and I can never express enough gratitude to her for the amazing wife and mother that she is. One of the many reasons I am excited about the possibility of adopting again is because I know that any child would be lucky to have Jessica as a mom. She truly is amazing.



Knox is one of the most active and happy little boys you will ever meet! He is loving, caring, funny, and as stubborn as they come. He really is such a well-rounded little guy and he lights up our lives every single day.

Knox is so friendly and is constantly making friends everywhere we go, with adults and children.  He is always making us laugh with his quick-wit and sense of humor.  He loves helping dad with the yard work and the cars and mom with the cleaning and laundry.

Knox knows that he came to our family through adoption and has a very special relationship with his birth parents.  They have become a part of our family and they will always hold a special place in our hearts.



Our Story

We met in the summer of 2010 through mutual friends. Our first date was to a high school football game and sushi. Little did we know at that time that football would become one of our greatest shared interests! We dated for a year before we decided to get married, but each of us knew after the first couple of dates that we wanted to be together forever…In fact, it came out just a couple of years ago that Jessica was looking at wedding rings the weekend after our first date!

A few months after being married we knew that we wanted to grow our family as soon as possible. After a few years of trying to get pregnant with no success, we decided to adopt. In 2014, through the miracle of adoption, we were blessed with our son Knox! He has been such a joy each and every day since and we are so grateful for adoption and the opportunity it has given us to be parents.

A little more about Cory…

Cory is the Vice President of Sales for a healthcare software company. He loves everything about business and even has a side-business of his own that he hopes to be his full-time job one day. He is currently enrolled in school and hopes to have his Bachelor’s and Master’s in Business finished in the near future.

A little more about Jessica…

Jessica worked in childcare and full-time at a dental office. She started as a Dental Assistant, and over seven years worked her way to Office Manager.  After Knox was born she made the decision to be a full-time mom and left both of her jobs. She now spends all her time chasing Knox!


Our Family

We are a pretty easy-going, laid-back family that loves spending time together. Some of our favorite activities as a family are… boating, four-wheeling, swimming, vacationing, sporting events, family movies, serving others, and having fun together. We also love having family dance parties in the kitchen!


Knox’s Favorites

Color: Blue

Hobby: Ride Four-Wheelers

Food: Cheeseburgers

TV Show: Transformers

Vacation Spot: San Diego

Sport: Basketball

Season: Summer

Fear: Waves at the ocean


Jessica’s Favorites

Color: Purple

Hobby: Shopping & Reading

Food: Mexican

TV Show: Greys Anatomy

Vacation Spot: Turks & Caicos

Sport: Football and Basketball

Season: Summer

Fear: Mice


Cory’s Favorites

Color: Black

Hobby: Boxing & Hunting

Food: Pizza

TV Show: The Office

Vacation Spot: The Beach

Sport: Football

Season: Fall

Fear: Earrings & Heights


Our Home

We live in rural suburb of Northern Utah. We have a rambler-style home with 6 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms and a completely fenced backyard with a play set and plenty of space for Knox and our dog Maverick to run. Our neighborhood is full of young families with lots of kids that Knox loves to play with.  We live close to many great schools, parks, and recreation areas.


Our Families

We both have great families that are completely supportive in our lives, and extremely excited about us adopting again. Jessica is the oldest of six kids, she has three brothers and two sisters. Cory has one younger brother and one younger sister. Knox has two cousins who he is extremely close to, with two more cousins on the way.

Both our families live close, and it is such a blessing to spend time with them as often as we do. Usually when we get together it consists of food, and a lot of laughs.


In Closing

We are so grateful for the blessing of adoption. Since we both can remember our ultimate goal has been to be parents. Adoption has made that possible.

Hopefully we have been able to give you a little more insight into who we are. Again, we hope that you are finding the support and guidance that you are in need of at this time.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Cory, Jessica & Knox