Family Start-Up Grants


Part 1: Start-Up Grant Information & Application

Care About Childcare has funding available for individuals wishing to get a Family Child Care License. Up to $350 is reimbursed to providers to cover the costs of initial licensing fees and expenses. The grant is a reimbursement after the expenses have already been incurred and you have received your license. You will need to keep receipts from purchases you make such as:

  • Bureau of Licensing fees and City/County Business License fees
  • Fire & kitchen inspection fees, fire extinguishers, and smoke detectors
  • First aid kits
  • First Aid, CPR, and Food Handlers Certification
  • CAC Basic Child Care Training class fee

In order to receive this Start-up Grant you will be required to send us:

  1. A grant application form
  2. Copies of the receipts for your expenses
  3. A copy of the certificate showing that you have completed the Basic Child Care Training course
  4. A copy of your new child care license

pdfDownload the Start-Up Grant Information & Application

Additional Grants

Contact the Office of Child Care for additional grant opportunities.

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