Nora Jackson

Nora Jackson – Development Director

Nora and her brother were blessed to have wonderful memories of their home in California and parents who always provided them with security and love. She believes that all children deserve the best start in life; but sadly, not all children have an equal opportunity to receive what she and her brother experienced. She believes it is her job to effectively write grants, research foundations and corporations, and implement other fundraising strategies that makes the work at Children’s Service Society possible.

The grandchildren who have become part of her through adoption have given her the compassion for adoptive families and tender feelings of gratitude and selflessness for their birth mothers. Her family memories and her experiences give her the impetus and compassion that makes her job very personal.

She received her college education at Brigham Young University, which helped her hone her writing skills to prepare her for this position with Children’s Service Society. Although she does not perform direct services, she knows that she is able to make a difference in the lives of children.